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When I perform energy healing sessions at my studio in town, I always  tell my clients that I’m a “practicing medium.”


This means that I know I’m a medium, but I’m still practicing and working my skills. Psychic, absolutely…medium, in the works..


I can see spirits in color but not actual details – quite yet. It will happen, I know so. As far as information goes, I gather my information just like everyone else, through the clairs. One of my best clair is clairtangency also known as psychometry. This means when I pick up an object, I can “read” it and when I scan a persons body, I can read that too. This helps me during my energy sessions and when people drop off items to me for understanding. 


So here I was at my studio, prepping for my client to come. One minute I was cleaning the left over static energy and the next I turn around and BOOM. I screamed. 


Literally, screamed.


And for what I do not know. I opened my eyes and blinked a few more times at what I thought was there, wasn’t. It was the quickest second I have ever seen something. A person in a black hat shorter than me was standing behind me. 


And although I always say, I’m ready to finally open my third eye and see all the way. Somehow this shit frightens me. Ha! I want to say it should happen on my own terms – but you know the old proverb, “When the student is ready….the teacher will appear.”


I admit, I freaked out. When I see color of spirits flying around my wall, it doesn’t freak me out. Even when I can identify their eyes and mouth. Nope – color doesn’t scare me…but this guy was visibly there and YIKES, I was startled. Was it real? Did I really just see a person?


I sent a S.O.S message to a friend and sent her pictures of my room to confirm my findings but she didn’t see him either so I let it go…


My sweet client came in and I started her session. I didn’t say anything about the guy. Instead I started my work by her feet and the energy was heavy. She said, “Are you tickling my feet?”


“Nope…I don’t touch people…espeically their feet!” I said. 


Now my client is very clairvoyant. She’s actually one of the psychics in town. (You know, us psychics are actually friends? lol. There’s no competition here…we all need healing! And there’s room for each of us. As I go to her as well.)


Back to the story…she looks down and says, “Oh! I see you have a little helper!”


“Little?” I exclaimed. “Oh! Is he below my shoulders as in shorter.” I couldn’t help but get excited to confirm who I saw!


“Yes. He has a black hat on and is taking notes. He’s a leprechaun, Amber. He’s helping you with your sessions….Meet Zig.” 






My backstory of leprechauns….Of course there’s a story! Ever since I can remember, I have always had a love for Ireland the magic there. I planned out a whole trip with my husband (then boyfriend) to go and we never went. I love leprechauns and every St. Patrick’s Day, I do something special for them. I painted this beautiful rock and put it by my front door in the year 2012.

I don’t know for sure why I love Ireland so much, I just know that I do. I know that I have a past life there for sure. To confirm that my guide is a leprechaun makes more sense to me than you can possibly understand through text. 

This stone has sat on my front porch for years – and after I picked up my children from school that day, my son looked down and said, “Mom, do you think leprechauns are real?”



And so I met Zig. I would love to tell you about the three others that are on my team, but honestly some stay your whole life and some come in when we need it. Zig is a hard-working “doctor” on my team. He takes notes of my clients (just like I do and probably even taught me how to take notes!) He’s a no fluff kind of person and I can understand that because when I’m in sessions, neither am I. 

With much gratitude, thank you, Zig, for being on my team and showing up in my sessions. You rock! 



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