Get to Know Your Crown Chakra

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When connected into the crown chakra (the chakra located above your head), you are connecting into Source or whatever that means for you – if you want to call that energy Source, God, Creator, All Knowing – it’s your term. (You will see me write and say interchangeably Source and God). But Source is Universal Energy.


The crown chakra is the connection between the Creator and you.  It facilitates the flow of knowledge and wisdom from  Source to you and all that is. When our crown chakra is balanced, you will experience the most beautiful rhythm and exchange between you and Source. But when it’s unbalanced, you may experience:


  • Feeling disconnected, lost or without purpose and direction
  • A disconnect between our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies 
  • That mystery illness that nobody can figure out and we just don’t get – sometimes can be this cause!


When the crown chakra is flowing, you experience trust in life and are able to see the big picture. You may feel fulfilled, connected to the angels and know your unique potential. You are aware of your special talents and unique gifts and ultimately, can choose to use them to help the world. 


A balanced chakra will also help you distinguish between truth and illusion, old belief patterns and self-defeating pursuits. 




On a personal note, I begged and begged for help with a specific situation for years. The situation tore me apart emotionally. I was drained and turned to angry as I felt I couldn’t keep it together after some time of feeling helpless and unable to  change the circumstances. I was a victim and wanted someone to fix the problem.


One day, I was in prayer yet again, pleading and asking the angels to help me with my request. It has been years, why aren’t I getting any help?? (Hello, meet me … playing victim again!) As I sat there, I knew the angels have heard me. I made me clear of what I wanted however nothing was moving, nothing was changing. I still felt like I couldn’t change the situation. 


And then I sat in silence and let go. I decided not to put my own two sense in but see what they had to say.


I learned that the person I have been praying for, needed to learn their own direction and had their lessons to go through.  And my part in the role was to learn patience and teach understanding and direction. Instead of reacting out of anger, have compassion.  


Now I was no longer desperate for my hero to swoop in. I gained knowledge, understanding and direction of how to proceed – if I choose to do so. We all have freewill. Did I want to continue feeling drained or take back my own power that I so effortlessly gave up. The choice was mine. The point is that I finally heard sound advice from Source. 


The key to receiving this sound advice and ALL messages is to not only listened but detached from emotions and come from a place where any and all judgments are released. 


That’s the power of having a balanced crown chakra. Receiving help from Divine Source and understanding there’s a larger picture than how I perceived things to be. 




When you are linked in with Source, you clearly get any and all information that is needed to help direct and guide you. Period. 


Prayer is your conversation and requests. When we meditate, we are listening. We are silencing the mind to get the help and direction we are searching for. Spend a few minutes in meditation daily to receive any insights and downloads you may need. Learn to connect in and your crown chakra will not only be balanced, it will be open and bright! 


Many blessings.



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