Seeing What You Don’t Want – Healing Relationships #Sacralchakra

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Relationships and emotions are two of the elements we store in our sacral chakra. And, depending on how you view your relationships with others, you could potentially view it as a good thing or a bad.


But viewing it that way can be frustrating, especially when there’s a relationship with lots of resistance. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity for growth. 


The law of reflection reflects our thoughts and life back to us, just as we sent it out. Meaning, what we put out to the world, the world shows us back in return and ultimately reminds us to look in the mirror and change ourselves. 


What we are seeing when we are arguing or things aren’t going well, creates resistance in the relationship. What is it in the relationship that we are having a hard time dealing with? And a lot of the times, it goes really deep. 


I have a client whose husbands gets angry with her because she always collects items and never gets rid of them. If you go into her vehicle, there’s a collection of trash. She said that her drawers are filled with items and are starting to overflow into their room because she doesn’t have anywhere else to put them. She finds it tiring that her husband always complains about her mess and thinks he has OCD. (Her words.) It’s not her problem it’s his but is it?


I asked her how she feels about the clutter to which she admitted that she doesn’t love it. Instead of being on board of taking responsibility after her actions (cleaning her mess) and being organized, she rather reserve the energy for arguing and defending her mess, thus creating friction in the relationship.


I asked her how it feels when her husband asks her to clean up after herself to which she replied, “It reminds me of my mom telling me to clean my room.” Oh. now we have somethingIt wasn’t about her husband at all but a memory of resentment towards her mother.


Keeping this emotion inside her carried over into her adult life. She held onto her mom yelling at her to clean her room as a child and was affecting her years later.


We talked about the first time she remembered being asked to clean her room as a child and she said that she felt overwhelmed. That the task was too big to handle and she was left all alone to complete it. She explained that toys covered the room in every direction and there was no room to walk. She recalled sitting on the floor crying over and over and feeling helpless, like she couldn’t do it. Her mother punished her until she cleaned her room, which she recalls lasted a few days. She felt like her mother viewed her as a child who wasn’t listening and she felt like the task was too big for her to even start. On the final day, her mom cleaned her room with a trash bag and got rid of her stuff.  She wasn’t taught how to organize, just throw things in the trash. This carried over into her adult life where knowing how to organize items is still a problem. When it’s time to clean, she does one big swoop into the trash!


She recalled another time her room became a mess and her mom helped her. Another time,  she had a friend over and instead of cleaning her room, her friend would do it! She took no responsibility for herself but started to expected other people to clean her room for her! (And they did.) 


I asked her how she feels when she sees all the stuff in her house and she replied that she doesn’t like it. She realized that she wasn’t being caring to herself. That when life felt too overwhelming, her house and areas showed disorganization in many directions. We talked about focusing on the things that she wanted to do and releasing what she didn’t want to do or commit to because she felt she had to


When she ultimately realized that her life was physically reflecting the mess created in her world and that her husband was actually pointing out something that needed to be worked on, she stopped the resistance. It wasn’t him who was the problem.


We worked on eliminating some areas in her life which felt overwhelming and she consciously takes note of cleaning up her messes and following through after a project.  She had to change her current actions and release the old belief of “when I feel overwhelmed, I show it by creating messes in my physical world and not following through” to enable her to move forward. 


We asked Archangel Michael to cut cords with this memory and her hanging onto the empty and overwhelming feeling she experienced as a child. We also asked him to replace it with confidence joy and appreciation for all that she has. We then asked Archangel Michael to help heal the resentment that she felt towards her mother for throwing away her items. 


She created the affirmation, “I am in control of my life and I follow through with tasks. My life is in my hands.” to help propel her forward. 


Finally, I sent her some pinterest ideas on how to organize different areas in her home to which she really embraced and enjoyed the project. 


She ultimately thanked her husband for showing her what she needed to heal inside of her. And if he does say something to her that she is being gently reminded that she is falling back into an old pattern. Now that she recognizes it, she doesn’t respond in anger but appreciates that he is helping her grow, let go and forgive. 


When something “gets you going” sit down and write what about specifically makes you mad, angry or upset. Many times it’s something that needs to be released and healed and once it is, you can move on from that situation. It doesn’t bother you like it did before because you see it with a new view.


Wishing you much soul growth.









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