While I’m here on Earth, I commit

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We are all here on our own paths and when a light is ready to return home, it definitely breaks hearts in the physical world.


I can remember looking into my fathers eyes for a good thirty minutes. He was paralyzed and couldn’t move and as I looked at him laying in the hospital bed, our eyes locked in and I couldn’t stare away. I didn’t believe my dad was actually passing away…it just couldn’t be. I looked around his head to see his aura thinking I was going to find something black, but no aura could be found. Then I traveled down his face and locked in with this blue eyes. He was leaving, although  I couldn’t admit it at the time. I saw  inside his eyes to his soul and knew it was leaving his physical body. I can’t explain the knowing but his eyes were no longer this pool colored blue but turned a clear blue. It looked as if the color was slowly fading away.


It was the first time the nurses and everyone left me in the room by myself with him and I bursted out uncontrollably crying out of no where. “I know you’re going to be okay! I know they are real. I’m just going to miss you!‘ I sobbed and put my hands deep in my face. Although I had no intentions of blurting this out, I think on some level Dad needed to hear that. He needed to know that he was going to be okay. 


At 5 am, Dad passed away soundly in his sleep.


This was my physical self looking at my dad of who he was to me in the physical world. He was a mentor and guide. He was my friend. What I know for sure is that we are never alone. That aunts, uncles, friends and guides were waiting for Dad to guide him over. I know without a doubt that he was taken care of in his transition. And I also know how much fun he had after he crossed over. That he was on his boat traveling in the sunsets with his companion, his dog. 


And although it was hard for me to accept this at the time, I know that dad still watches over me. I see signs, I even sometimes hear him calling me.


This has shown me that life still goes on for us both.


As being an adult and experiencing death in my own life, I have decided to consciously commit to the following things every day:


  • Live each day with intention. 
  • Be present as much as possible. 
  • Trust my Higher Self and Spirit Guides to help lead the way
  • Love everyone (including myself) as much as I can. This means having patience! (A hard thing for me to overcome).


As being here on Earth, we get one of the greatest gifts of all – FREE WILL.


We get a choice in how we want to to live our life. The intentions we wish to create, the choices we get to make – all of this is given to each and everyone of us. How well we  want to use our time is up to us. Do you choose to step out and connect in to see what your Higher Self set for you to do? It’s up to you.


Instead of letting life whisk you away, you can choose how you want to live it. Start making choices by asking yourself some questions. So when you are ready to return to Source and your life is reviewed, you will have no regrets.


Do I like myself? Why or why not?

What can I do to improve my attitudes and/or beliefs about myself and others?

Is it truly who I am to believe this?

Do I come from a place of love or ego?

How do I want to see my life? What can I do to get there?


I choose to live with oneness and feel connected daily. This inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can be at this time. And if I make a choice out of ego or anger or anything less than my higher vibrational self, I will not be harsh on myself. I commit to loving myself and the world daily. 


Much peace. 








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