How to Heal Energy Blocks

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We all have a network of energy channels that run through our body. These energy channels not only run through the meridians but chakras as well. 


When an energy healer is working on a client, they are looking for imbalances in energy. This may energy may feel dense, clogged, tingly etc. 


Imbalances and energy blocks are formed heavy because the energy flow gets stuck and unable to move through. When this goes on for long periods of time, the energy “clog” can show up as a physical ailment.  




When we are feeling:


  • Confident 
  • At one with the Universe
  • At peace in our life
  • Creative or inspired 
  • Joyous
  • Motivated


Than we have a good chi or energy flowing through the body. 


When the energy becomes stuck or stagnant, it can show up as: 


  • Feeling tired or bored 
  • Depleted of energy all the time
  • Anxious or depressed
  • Physical problems
  • Headaches
  • Stuck in life


But here’s the thing, you are in control! It’s YOUR energy!


Here are a few ideas to get your chi moving again and heal your energy blocks:


Positive Self-Talk

This is a biggy! Your thoughts are powerful in so many ways. Take note of how your thoughts are making you feel. If you feel they need a tune up, make it your intention to turn them into more positive thoughts. You have power over your thinking! When you do this regularly, it will become habit to look for the positive side of things. 




Write down a list of affirmations and say them daily! If you feel like they are far fetched – then re-word them so you are aligned with what you want. You may not start out by being a millionaire, but you can sure increase your vibrational thought to attract a higher outcome. 




Take a yoga class or tai chi or Qi gong. This helps move the physical “baggage” from being stuck. 




Because ya’ll know I don’t say enough about meditating! Designate five to ten minutes clearing out the junk in your head. When we are constantly thinking, it blocks up hearing Spirit. When you take this time, you will start making a connection to your Higher Self and be able to understand things clearer. If you have a hard time, start with a guided meditation. 




Grab a crystal that you like. It’s the energy in that crystal that you are seeking. When close to your aura, the crystals energy goes in alignment with your subtle body energy and alters the vibration that you are currently at. For example, if you want to have more joy in your life, carry citrine. When you feel that you need a quick vibe-lift-up, hold it close to you and let its energy mingle with yours. You can also do a chakra crystal cleanse for a mini-tune up when you’re not seeing your energy healer.




Consume foods that have high life-force and  in return you are  feeding yourself that energy. Foods that carry high life-force energy are foods that are alive. For example, anything man-created in a box does not carry high vibes. On the contrary, it has low to no energy. Eating fruits, vegetables and costuming water are the highest vibrations you can give yourself through diet. 


Energy Healer

Have a session with an energy healer or a reiki practitioner. They move the energy and send healing into the body as guided. I can’t tell you enough how much one session a month improves the chi flow. It’s incredible! 



If you feel like you need to be grounded, walking in nature has a profound affect on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Sit outside, take your dog for a walk, heck…walk a neighbors dog! This will help energy flow tremendously.


If you feel stuck and in a rut, try lifting your vibration by one of these suggestions. 


Many blessings.





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