Healing the Vibration of a Physical Problem

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I am fascinated by the intelligence of our body. It is so smart and knows and feels every imprint from our conscious and subconscious minds.


That’s top notch amazing.


When we tune into this tool, we can understand ourselves better and we can heal.


I distinctively can recall sitting on the sofa one afternoon, slamming down a whole loaf of raisin cinnamon bread. Yes….A whole loaf….yikes! 


I shoved another piece in my mouth and thought, “Why am I eating like this?” And I heard the words that sat me straight up with wide eyes….


You’re pregnant


You see, when you quiet your mind, you can know just about anything. You are tapping into Universal wisdom. 


But sometimes receiving the information can be challenging. Especially when we block ourselves.


When I scan a clients energy long distance, I can see “clouded” and “stagnant” energy blocks in the body. Sometimes that’s a headache, sometimes a bellyache etc. With each ache and pain, there’s an emotion attachment.


Here’s an example, let’s say you are a smoker and yet you tell yourself that smoking is bad for you every time you pick up a cigarette. Your action is smoking a cigarette, but your mind is telling your body, “Smoking is not good for me“. Your body hears that and responds with okay smoking is not good for me and starts to imprint that thought somewhere in the body. 


Most of the time we can pin point where the emotion is coming from to each area of the body to release it. But what happens when you can’t?


I have been dealing with an issue for a few years now and in recovering this issue, I have spent a lot of time trying to pin point the cause. When you focus on an area, you are also giving it power. In trying to figure out the reason over and over I manifested some more worry and fear into it. 


Until one day I changed my perspective. I upgraded my thought. I accepted that I had manifested the physical problem and asked it one question that enabled me to release its grasp.


How can I upgrade my vibration of this area?


What I heard was laughter. My body is craving for laughter to release the energy I have built. 


And to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I fell over laughing at something.


We are all connected in so many ways. By upgrading our thoughts, we are then able to set our mind and body to work in sync. 


Here are some steps to upgrade your vibes for a physical ailment:


  • Tune into yourself. Be quiet and ask your Higher Self a question such as, “What can I do to upgrade this vibration I feel in my _______ (physical ailment) 


  • Be open to a response. It’s not what YOU want to hear, its learning to be open to information, no matter what that is. You can feel, know or hear exactly what your body is asking for.


  • After you hear it (or feel it in your body or just know it)…Make the appropriate changes to upgrade your vibration. If your body is seeking laughter, find something that make you laugh! Incorporate the more positive vibration into your life often. 


  • Practice often. The more you tune into your body, the easier it will be to understand. By learning this skill you can pick up on imbalances before they manifest in a physical form. 


Wishing you much success on your journey.











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