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The story of #23…


In my work, I don’t directly offer mediumship. However, If I am performing a session for someone and another deceased loved one comes in, I never turn them away. In fact, I welcome them to join. Sometimes I pick up on a crossed overs energy and other times I don’t. Again, I work with a persons energy so mediumship hasn’t been my focus.


One day, I was asked to attend a party and I told my guides to ONLY allow my gifts to turn on IF it was really needed. Meaning, I didn’t want to be bothered but wanted to enjoy my time there.


One of my friends was there whose wife recently crossed over. Her and I were in conversation when she said she really would love to hear from her wife. Next thing I knew I saw the number 23.


I told her what I saw and she said that her wife’s viewing was on the 23rd, the SAME day as their 17th anniversary. #23


I had another symbol but I kept seeing the 23 over and over. I told her to look for it and she will know she her wife is with her.


I received a text a few weeks later with a photo. She was #23 in line at the MVA. I text her back with WOW! She’s with you….


and she replied…


“I’m transferring my wife’s vehicle to my name.” (O EM GEE!) 


THIS is how spirit communicates.


They don’t always show up in a physical form in front of your eyes (although they can) but it’s easier for them to communicate through signs and vibrations that we already have in our memory bank.


If you are looking for a sign from a loved one, ask them for one OR better yet, create one for them! Say, “Can you please show me the number ____ so I know that you are around me.” Name something that resembles them. A song, feather…heck! I asked my dad to bring in my awareness a statue of a frog! It does happen. It comes through and you will know they are still with you in the moment you need them. Just ask and you shall receive. Many blessings! 


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