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You have an amazingly beautiful spirit team waiting for you. They are here to help guide and protect us as we experience our journey on Earth. 


 So many people think they have to wait to listen wait to connect in with a guide. Who is on the other side? As if we have to be the ones who figure it out. 


Let me tell you, YOU also get to choose. I work with a very large team and I didn’t get to know them by “waiting” for them to tell me who they were. No, I asked for who I needed to help me and they were there. As I connected in with one spirit guide, I then learned how to connect in with another and so forth. 


For example, let’s say I chose to meet and work with Archangel Michael first.


I created a relationship where I focused on working with him solely. The more I called upon him, the more an image of him arose in my mind. The more I prayed, the more I saw his almighty wings fly out and around my family for protection. The more I called upon him, the more I could feel his strength. The more I called upon him, I understood his vibration to know he was with me. The more I called upon him, the more I was assured that he was protecting whatever I asked for. This is how we established a relationship with each other. Through the intention of working with each other


Then I started to experiment. I wanted to meet another angel, so I called upon Archangel Raphael for his healing power. I immediately saw him with a vibrant emerald green glow shinning from his hands. I knew this was powerful. As I started to call upon him, I could feel his vibration. As I started to call upon him during energy sessions, my clients would light up with a green vibration around them. As I started to work with him, I understood his frequency better. Then I moved on.


I specifically call upon angels and guides to assist in whatever I may need and sometimes I don’t even know who is there. But the who isn’t important.


When I am marketing my business, I don’t know specifically the name of the spirit being assisting me. I know for sure that I can feel them. I can hear them and their suggestions are conveyed to me, however the name is irrelevant. I call upon the “angel of marketing” and when I do, the angel arrives. 


Focus on what you need…. what service could you use some insight to? Where could you use guidance? Then call upon a being of light who can assist you in this time. We as humans get so stuck on the who – a being of love is more important. 


As you learn the different vibrations of each spirit guide (and they will be different) then you can start to tell the difference of who is with you. Archangel Michael is super powerful and when he stands at my door, he feels big. Whereas Archangel Raphael has such a nurturing flow. The more you work with your team, the more you will be able to identify them when they come in. But rest assure dear friend, you don’t have to wait to know who is your guide no more. Start creating your team and it will help open the doors. 


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