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I was called in for an energy session for a very sick client of mine. The first time I saw her, I spoke with her soul and she soared high. Although she was sick, her soul wanted to go on and so she did.


Months later, she fell ill again and was tied to her bed. This time when I went to see her, I knew there was a change. As I called in her Higher Self to talk to, she told me she was ready to move on. 


Why didn’t the healing work? I was asked from her family but I knew it was bigger than their minds could have perceived it. 


Another client came in for  knee pain she was experiencing to be healed. She never experienced an energy healing session prior but was willing to give it a try. When I followed up the next day to see how she was doing, she replied that there was no change (or at least one that she was aware of.)


Years ago when I first started energy healing, I was determined to heal. My intention was to bring them back to perfect health, to let go of the emotional baggage… to release, to heal and conquer! And when clients came back to tell me nothing changed, I was dumbfounded. And I took it personally as my ability to heal. 


But I was wrong. 


My job title is called Energy Healer however I prefer “Energy Channel”.  Its not my job to actually heal. You see, its more complex than this and I share this with you because if you are an energy healer, there is real no fail.


When an Energy Healer is offering a session, they are doing a lot. They become a tool to channel the energy from Higher Source into the person requesting. And although the client would like to be healed, they very much are but it may be on other levels than they expect.


99% of my clients feel wonderful after a session and thats because they are receiving what they need to receive. Although the expectations are to be healed, there are many levels to which this healing takes place that they could be unaware of. For example:


The healing could have taken place on an emotional level instead of a physical. Some clients feel a shift within themselves and they can’t pin point it at the time however they know without a doubt, there was change. 


A client may experience relief of symptoms but not the actual cause. For example, at our local hospital they offer reiki to cancer patients. (There is a reason why reiki is popular, eh? Perhaps it does work? No?) Although not all the cases are cured by reiki (each case is on an individual need), perhaps the reiki helped with the inflammation or pain levels to drop. In this case, it would have helped ease the symptoms and not the actual cause.


Sometimes the client expects one thing to be healed and yet another is. I love when a client comes in and expects X,Y,Z to be healed and turns out there is something else that was. Reiki goes where it needs to go and there is absolutely a trust in this process. 


It’s not the Energy Healer doing the healing. There is a bigger and larger picture out there, held by the Universe, that moves everything. Trusting the process and our soul is quite helpful. Sometimes the soul needs to experience X,Y,Z on a physical level to gain experience in other areas. It may sound “flakey” but its true, the story is bigger than me and you.


So if you are an Energy Healer and you feel you failed – believe me, you didn’t. There’s a bigger picture. You did not fail. How can you fail in love and light? Instead, know and understand that the client is exactly where they need to be on their journey. 


And THANK YOU for shinning your light! 

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3 thoughts on “Why isn’t reiki working?

  • Donna Frasca

    Oh I love this Amber Poole! As I was reading the post I felt my blood start to boil because it burns my tail to no end when Reiki Practitioners say “I can heal.” No you can’t!!! You are NOT Jesus Christ and that is ego and lack of education for the practitioners who say that.

    THIS, THIS, is what it is all about “My job title is called Energy Healer however I prefer “Energy Channel”. Its not my job to actually heal. You see, its more complex than this and I share this with you because if you are an energy healer, there is real no fail.”

    … and my heart burst with happiness when I saw these words in your post. Now if everyone else understood this, the mind, body and spirit would be balanced.

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      Thank you Vanita for sharing your experience. I have many experiences where they tell me later that they felt a “shift” from within but they weren’t sure what it was. As for us, we just need to trust the process. Many blessings!