Why Manifesting Doesn’t Always Work?

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In the online chakra transformation class, I explained how to connect with the big U (universe) to apply and receive our wants and desires…AKA manifestations.


But sometimes, we don’t receive the very thing we want. Our “cowboy” that we manifested didn’t show up at our feet, the house we wanted to move into looks more like an apartment…etc. etc. So in the manifestation process, what happened? Why didn’t I receive exactly what I wanted? Here are some troubleshooting clues…


1. You weren’t specific enough.


It’s not good enough to put out a general request. For example, say you want a new job but are not specific on what a new job looks like. The Universe hears, “I want a new job,” but since there were no requirements, the Universe may throw back to you “any job.”

So ask yourself some questions:  How much income do you want to make? What is important for you in this new job? What kind of schedule do you want? Write down and value what you WANT by listing the things that are important to you – MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE them in your request.

2. Be Aligned with the Universe.

When you manifest, you come from a place between you and God/Universe. Meaning, you are not choosing your manifestation because you are jealous of what someone else has or because you think you should manifest X,Y,Z, instead you are zoned in with your heart chakra and what you want to co-create because its RIGHT FOR YOU.


 I have a client who does not want to be a lawyer, however she’s in school for it. Her father is going to be “so proud‘ when she graduates. The problem is that its not aligned between her and the Universe. Instead she’s aligned between her fathers wish, herself and the Universe. (Three can be a crowd!)  She wants to be a teacher but her father tells her time and time again “there’s no money in that!” She’s fighting against the grind and going against her true desires. You have to come from a place of desire in your heart to manifest the things you really want or it creates restriction within ourselves and with the Universe. 

3. Fear

Sometimes we have a desire to make a leap but our fears hold us back. Those fears are shoved down into our subconscious and we may not even know it. When you sit with the Universe to create a manifestation, see if there’s any pull that comes up.

If procrastination sets in or lack of commitment, see what that’s all about. You may have a fear to be your best… You may have a fear of what others think…You may have a fear of succeeding. One of my biggest fears to get through was understanding how much power I have. (And you have this too!) I was scared of succeeding because it was really big. My guides showed me how successful I can be and instead of flying forward in the glory, I backed down. Be aware of what fears come up – journal, pray, meditate through the motions. You can find the light, it is there in each of us!

4. Negative Thoughts

Did you ever get on a kick about manifesting something and have full intentions and the next thing you know – the negative thoughts come flying in? They come in and stop you from believing in yourself, they prevent you from moving forward. The thoughts that are filled with self-doubt and the long list of “lack of”. The “lack of” list may include: lack of resources, funding, mentors, confidence, support etc. etc. We are truly the ones that create barriers and restrictions for ourselves. It reminds me of the Eight of Swords in the tarot deck (you can grab a reading with me here). 

If you notice the girl in the above card, she feels restricted and in prison. If only she would take off the blindfold and see that she is doing it to herself.  There is a path below her but her awareness is not open to it.


That’s how negative thoughts can be. One will influence another, to bring on another and then soon, you can feel caged in your own situations. However…it’s not reality – it’s just the reality that you made it be. When you are co-creating, it is important to keep those negative thoughts at bay – it will hinder the process when they creep in. You choose your thoughts – so choose them wisely. 

5. Divine Timing

This is a personal story of mine. I knew for a good six months that I wanted to change the location of my job. I wanted it to be more in a public eye but wanted full range of what I offer. No restrictions on what I can and can’t do it my new office.

I searched and looked, I drove and prayed….I contacted the big U and said, “HELLO!!! Don’t you hear me?!” Well, of course…The Universe always hears! When the year changed over to 2017 (in numerology it is translated to the number 1 which is new beginnings.) I made my first payment for my new place at a wellness center called Lunar Bay Studio.

 I offer a boutique, sessions and workshops for the public. YES! The Universe heard me, but things had to fall in place within divine timing in order to receive my dream. The building had to be leased, a new person had to take over, I needed to meet the owner…etc.  So you see, the Universe does pull things together, but we have to trust in the timing. 


Remember to always be positive and open to receiving from the Universe. The Universe is always listening – no matter what you put out. So if we are always in constant conversation with the Universe, make it a good one! 





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