Broken Heart Grid

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Nobody likes a broken heart. Quite frankly, they stink.  But within this process, there are always lessons learned and opportunities for growth. 


Sometimes we have to figure out what we don’t want in life to attract what we do want. The transition process from feeling “broken” to feeling loved can take some time which is why I like to use a crystal grid. There’s no need to stuff the emotions into our chakras, but bring them in clear view with the intention to heal and grow. 


Creating a crystal grid is a reminder of what we do want in our life and gives support for that to which we want to transition.

For example, the center of this grid is the focus point for healing, the intention is to work on the heart chakra and embrace our healing process as the “desired stones” are set with the intention to be love. Let’s take a more detailed peak into this grid:



For the template of this grid, I used a heart chakra grid. You can find them at my shop on my Facebook page, here. Just click on SHOP. 


Unakite placed in the center represents healing. The pink and green colors represent the heart chakra and helps release emotions in an easy and gentle way. Its also a great stone to pick you up when you aren’t feeling quite yourself. And can be used for healing the wounded self as well as helping balance emotions during tough times. This stone helps clear blockages and bringing forth balance to the heart chakra once again. 


The middle stone represents where you are currently as the outer stones represent the desired outcome. For this grid, rose quartz is used.


Rose quartz is used for unconditional love. To transition from being broken hearted to finding peace and love within the self. It helps dissolve any emotional wounds and reawakens the heart. The intention is to move from broken to beautiful. 

Clear quartz points are used to amplify the energy direction. In this particular grid, the energy is going towards the stones. The intention is to ask Universal Energy to fill in the love. If you are really broken hearted to the point you don’t see love right now, point them away from the other stones as to release the broken heart from within. 

After all stones are cleansed and activated, you can use an affirmation to assist you in this transition. Some suggested affirmations could be:

“I find the love from within.”

“I choose to live life through the highest vibration frequency, love.” 

“Each day my heart is mending with strength.”

“I am open to receiving love.” 


Every day look at your grid and know that you are the highest vibration,  love.


We use our experiences to filter and create our reality, but the truth is, we are all love. As you move forward each day, spend a few minutes to remind yourself of the truth. 

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