Slowing down energy to manifest

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We as human beings are amazing at manifesting. In fact, every thought you have sets you up to manifest, if its intentional or not.


Its like taking a test in high school and murmuring the words, “I’m gonna fail…I just know it. I’m going to fail!” What are you saying to the Universe? 


The Universe “hears” or understands your output and pulled through what you are creating, failure. The Universe hears, “I’m going to fail,” therefore you can’t be really surprise when you do fail. Its all in the mindset. 


If you take the fact that you ARE creating every minute, then you would also realize something else… it’s the SPACE in-between that is incredibly important. 


We have the ability to create and we are living in an “on demand” kind of world. We expect things to move incredibly fast. To manifest the way we want, to say jump and the person jumps. Its expanded to the point people use text messages instead of email to receive a faster response. But what happens when we slow down?


By the time you speak something, your words are already in motion with the Universe. You have put the energy of THOUGHT, COMMUNICATION and probably ACTION into what you have created.  Speaking words is very powerful and its overlooked too much. We speak words on a whim! This power has become “less powerful” because of the way its abused then used as the gift it is. Be careful what you speak. 


Its time to step backwards. To understand the energy being sent out and SLOW IT DOWN. When its at a slower pace you can work with it…manipulate, create, expand and really dive in!


When you want to create something specific, like a goal, take time to cultivate that baby..visualize, feel, crystalize and put layer of energy after layer of energy into the very thing you want to create. When you spend time creating from a space of that you WANT in your life, you have more options. You are not moving along because you received a phone call or because someone wants you to move, instead you hold the upper hand. 


In every situation, no matter what, you can communicate with the Universe on what you want or to which vibration you want to move to.


For example, if you are depressed you can visualize yourself being happy (one layer of energy to the Universe), clear your energetic bodies (another form of energy) tune into your diet (yet another form!), create vision boards of movement and even work with crystal energies! This brings on different energy layers – and thats what you want! You are creating WITH the Universe to manifest the things you need/want in your life and HONESTLY, you are doing this every minutes so PLEASE do this with intention! Set your intention to lift your spirits out of this depression and take it further than a thought – add the above energy layers to help assist you in your journey! 


Instead of being in REACTIVE mode, take a breath and nurture your ideas, cultivate your visions, create sacred space to move forward. Slowing down and bringing awareness will help you manifest the things you want in many many ways. 

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