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Ya’ll have to know by now I love crystal therapy. I love using the energy of the crystals and incorporating them into all my healing sessions. They are truly amazing beings!


Once you experience the correction of a crystal in your energetic field…perhaps the tingling or warmth, you will know what I’m talking about.


I have incorporated crystal therapy in my sessions for five years and wouldn’t know what to do without them!



What’s neat is that each session is different. A client may come in because they are experiencing anxiety or depression, perhaps they lost a love one and want to recalibrate their energy field, maybe even just a tune-up….regardless of the reason they have arrived, they always leave feeling better. Their vibration is always better than what they came in with. 


The intention of a crystal therapy session is to create balance, peace and harmony in the energetic bodies  (mind, body, spirit and mental.) If you start your session already using crystals as a modality to enhance any kind of energy work, you are adding a layer of energy.


When you become a Crystal Reiki Master, you are not only using crystals as a way to amplify the session but you are adding ANOTHER layer of energy (one that has been passed down and amplified in its own) to your sessions. The session becomes even more enriched and direct. Its hitting the target, spot on.



If you are familiar with reiki, you will know that you are given attunements to different levels allowing the usage of sacred symbols in your work. 


Similar to reiki, in Crystal Reiki you are given attunements at each level. These attunements allow you to use specific sacred symbols to “hone in” and amplify an energy that is given. 


Some symbols you will learn (but are not limited to) are:


  • Healing on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional)


  • A sacred symbol to transition clients into the spirit world (those who are ready to cross over)


  • Helping clients with anxiety and depression 


  • Symbol to help connect you with the spiritual world to our 3D in an instant…. and more!



Unlike reiki, each level you will learn new symbols and how to incorporate them into your CRYSTAL practice.  You will learn what crystals are to use specifically with what symbol AND how to use them.


And, you will learn a VERY POWERFUL CHAKRA BALANCING technique to use on yourself and your clients!!! —–> My clients rave about this!





You will need the following crystals BEFORE your attunement…so don’t delay on purchasing them prior to our ONLINE class:


  • Six clear quartz point crystals (seven if you do not have a wand)
  • Heart-shaped crystal of choice
  • Wand


These crystals are NOT included in the training. Make sure to have them before! You will ALWAYS use these crystals – we will tune your vibration and the more you use them, the stronger they will become. 


This class being offered is ONLINE and the first level will start May 26th! We will be LIVE so any questions you have, you can ask. If you can’t make it, watch the play back to receive all the information. 


You will receive:


  • Excellent training (know all the ins and outs as I am a Certified Crystal Master and have a practice myself 
  • A manual at each level (Notes are already put together for you!)
  • A live workshop to ask your questions and be together as a community of like-minded crystal lovers
  • Support in your work
  • Certificate of completion at each level 


Still not sure if this is right for you? Feel free to email me any questions at thechakradiva@gmail.com I am very happy to answer any of them!



And if you are ready to dive in… 



I offer this class because I have witnessed and feel so good about the energy given. Its so powerful that my sessions have gone from amazing to amazing PLUS.

Even my clients rave about their crystal reiki sessions too. 



If you are ready to experience a different level of crystal energy, find the details below.




All my best crystal friends!

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