5 Ways to Use Crystal Reiki Daily

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Becoming a Crystal Reiki Master is one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Not only for my clients healing session but for me on a personal level.


I enjoy incorporating this powerful extra layer of energy into my daily life as it has enhanced my life in many ways.


Here are some ways I use this extraordinary and powerful healing energy:




In crystal reiki level 3, there’s a sacred symbol used to connect the spiritual and physical worlds together. This symbols gives  Spirit the “go light” when I want to begin a session or any healing work. It says now is the time to enter in between dimensions to assist in the healing taken place. It helps me connect in quickly to my sacred space if thats in meditation, prayer or healing work. 




Calling upon this symbols energy is equivalent if not better than an afternoon cup of coffee. In crystal reiki 1, you are attuned to an extremely powerful energizing symbol which brings energy like you would not believe. I felt like the energizer bunny after I used it. My favorite crystals to amp up energy are citrine and carnelian. Hold these in your pocket and amplify their energy by using the symbol. Close your eyes and feel the energy rush into your body. Its amazing! No caffeine needed. 




Obviously my experience isn’t going to be yours or the person next to you, however my anxiety would show its face the most when I was in contact with people who have crossed over…yes…friends, relatives who wanted to say “hello.” I had no clue for the longest time that I was picking up on “ghostly” energies but using the grounding symbol (learned in crystal reiki 1) has really help me be present and in my own space. 


Whenever I experienced anxiety or feel “ill” I remembered to ground myself. Using the grounding sacred symbol has added an extra punch to quickly dispelling any anxiety that comes my way. If its a ghost or not. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the energies that people give off, especially if I’m in a restaurant. When you are energy sensitive, you pick up on others energies easily and this symbol has put the breaks on and grounded me directly and fast! It has helped me dissipate  the vibration of anxiety quickly.  




Sometimes I can’t differentiate between my emotions and what I call head fog (the mental cloudiness that blocks my own judgement) and when this happens, I call in my Higher Self to speak to. Your Higher Self does not use ego – which is why you get a clear and precise answer. If you feel stuck, foggy or want some direction, getting in contact with your Higher Self is a great way to get accurate information. 


Once attuned to the Spiritual Energies Symbol (Level 2) you can tap directly in with your Higher Self at a much faster rate. This will bring clarity on many different levels.




My favorite symbol that I use daily is the Seven Pointed Star symbol which provides healing on all energy bodies. Although I speak with Spirit daily, I still have my own challenges (fears I need to release, stuff pushed down for years etc.) and using this symbol has provided healing on all levels. It also calls upon the energy of ancient knowledge so I know my brilliant and magnificent ancestors are helping me heal. I may use it for my family when they experience a cold or my own mental state, this symbol is used regularly.



If you would like more information on how YOU can become a Crystal Reiki Master, click here.


Much love and light on your journey,


The Chakra Diva 



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