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There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a new crystal and exploring its energy. (Okay, that could totally just be me because I am such a crystal lover…but really….nothing is more exciting, lol.)


I love picking up a unique stone and wanting to explore the knowledge, messages and healing they hold inside. Its quite magical!


When you see a crystal in a store and you know, you have to have her… there’s a reason why. You may get her home and know exactly what to do with the crystal or you may just need some bonding time to find out why.




Sleep With Your Crystal On The First Day


Yup, totally said it. As long as the crystal isn’t fragile or will break (for example a cluster would not be a good idea!) then hold onto the crystal all night long.  I have had remarkable experiences sleeping with my babies so this is the first way I connect with them.


My experiences have ranged from visiting the Library of the Akashic Records (the most beautiful place enriched with bold colors) to waking up with my hand vibrating to communicating with another persons soul. YES. All of this. Because each crystal presents something different, I pretty much sleep with them all. 


If its a tumble stone or something larger that will not break, I try two ways:


1. Sleeping with it in my hand the first night

2. Placing it under my pillow. I have received powerful yet different results using both methods. 


Carry Your Crystal with You ALL DAY LONG


When crystals hold a certain vibration (for example a rose quartz brings forth love but in particular, self love) I look for opportunities and blessings from the crystal. What special opportunities come forth for me to bring self-love? Maybe I felt extra “good looking” that day or had time to take a bath! Look for all opportunities!


Maybe I reached in my pocket and “Rosie” reminded me that I am working on practicing self-love. I carry the crystal in my pocket and see what kind of opportunities of “love” have entered my life during the day. These could be little opportunities as someone holding the door for me or big ones when someone expresses how much they love me.



I talk to my crystals. Crystals hold energy and anything that holds energy is worth talking to (animals, people and even rocks!) So I sit in my sacred space and ask a few questions…. What would the crystal like to be called is always my first question. In our physical world, everyone wants to have a name right? So does your crystal. Now sometimes I don’t hear a name right away and I learn what the crystal is used for first and then name it. For example, I have a beautiful clear quartz point and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. As I sat in meditation and asked for its purpose, I saw it was used to manifest, therefore the crystal received the name Manny


To connect with your crystal in meditation, sit in a quiet space and ask a question and then wait for a response. You may have a knowing or feeling of the response or you may hear it right away. Whatever your impressions are be sure to go with it. The more you trust yourself in receiving the correct message, the easier this process becomes. 




Chakras are energy centers on our body and crystals can attune our aura and chakras to different frequencies that we desire. Crystals work hard and tirelessly at clearing blockages and junk from our subtle bodies. Place your crystal on your body with the appropriate charka. The easiest way to know where it goes is by color association. 


Red Stones: Root Chakra

Orange Stones: Sacral Chakra

Yellow Stones: Solar Plexus Chakra

Green/Pink Stones: Heart Chakra

Blue Stones: Throat Chakra

Purple/Indigo Stones: Thrid Eye Chakra

Purple/Clear Stones: Crown Chakra 


After you place them on the body, wait 10-20 minutes and see what impressions you feel or mark down any experiences you have.


Always be sure to clear the energies of the stones BEFORE using your crystal. In addition, you may want to program them or activate your hand chakras to enhance your experience.



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