Ask. Believe. Receive. Communicating with your #SpiritTeam

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I was working with a client who wanted to hear from her father. As I was performing an energy healing session with her, her deceased father did indeed show up. He looked at me and said, “But Amber, she doesn’t even talk to me!”


When we get stuck in life, when we need some direction and guidance KNOW that your own personal and most astonishing Spirit Team is waiting for you. Your guides, angels and even deceased loved ones want to help you in your journey. Like I always say, “You got shit to do!” 






In this example, my client really wanted to hear from her dad and thought he wasn’t around. And when I connected in with him he had his hands up in the air saying, “But she never talks to me!” Her eyes widened and she said, “No! I never do!”



The thing is, YOU HAVE TO ASK!  You have to talk. Your deceased loved ones hear you all the time. But they can’t “respond” unless you ask them to assist in your life.



When you call upon them, you are bringing in their energy, they will arrive! Include them in your mundane tasks. Laugh with them, “Mom, look at this laundry. You know I always hated doing laundry, and I still do!” 


Because we have freewill (which is a beautiful blessing) we have the OPTION to include our spirit team. We can easily go about our daily life and never include them, but we may have a harder time feeling that “completeness” in life. We can ignore their signs trying to get out attention, but we are really the ones missing out. 


They are here to assist and help us with our soul growth while on Earth, but did you know….


We can even help them with their soul evolution? WHAT?!!!


I was working with another client whose mother came through. She showed me the family tree and I asked the client if he looked into his ancestry line. He told me that he did but stopped a few months back.


His mother said, “there’s a missing person” to which I asked him and he replied there was a person who had to be given up for adoption because it broke “marriage rules” in his grandmothers day. His mother impressed upon me to tell him to keep searching. That finding this person will help the “collective family.” 


If you are new to asking for assistance from your Spirit Team you can start small. Maybe you want to start with your Guardian Angel (we all have one or two given as a gift at birth), maybe you want to talk to Aunt Frieda, maybe you want to speak with one of the Archangels….its entirely up to you. Again, we have free will.


Just remember to always call upon the good guys for guidance. If Aunt Frieda was manipulative in the physical world, you don’t want to call upon her for advice. When it comes to asking for guidance, I stick with my angel team and my higher self. But If Aunt Frieda loved the family reunion, then you may want to still include her in it. Bring her favorite dish or a photo to remember her. She’ll see it and probably give you a big hug!


Start talking to you Spirit Team and they will hear you every time. It doesn’t have to be aloud but could be in your head.


Here are some steps to get you started:


1. Ask for assistance

2. Believe You will Receive It

3. Look for signs


You could ask for assistance in the elevator to help you through an interview or to give you guidance when you come to a fork in the road. The more you include your Spirit Team, the easier the communication becomes. 


Love and Light,









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