Sprit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

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When we make contact with the Spiritual realm, you may be wondering who we are specifically speaking with. I mean, what is the difference between all these beings of energy on the other side?


When I was little, I used to think that heaven was up the stairs as Hollywood betrayed. Speaking to our spirit team looked like a scene out of the movie Grease. A star would shine bright and a man in all white would come down and talk to me like what happened in the scene, “Beauty School Drop Out.” Thank you, Hollywood! 


But I also had a magical childhood because I spoke with Jesus and my guardian angel daily. I made such a strong connection that I had journals of channeled writing of my spirit team. It become natural to me and it can be for you too. 


This month June 21st, I am offering a NEW ONLINE COURSE for learning how to speak with your personal spirit team, but first, I wanted to dive in and talk about just WHO you are speaking with.



Meet the Spirit World


Guardian Angels:


Everyone is appointed at least one (sometimes two) guardian angels throughout our journey. They never leave our side. The day you were born, you were given a gift – a guardian angel to be by your side throughout your whole life. It is up to you to incorporate them into your life, all you have to do is ask, but they have always been there. 


They give us nudges and clues to help direct us to fulfill our purpose and to guide us on our path. Carlene is my beautiful angel. When I’m stuck, I ask her for assistance. Again, you must ask for help to receive their assistance. Guardian angels help us with our emotional and spiritual needs. 




There are Archangels and each one is designated a purpose. Archangel Michael is the protector while Archangel Raphael is the main healing angel. You can always ask for an Archangel to help you in your life too. Call upon who you feel connected with. 


Spirit Guides:


We may have several spirit guides who come and go depending upon our needs and demands in our life. They are always the most interesting to me because they once lived in a physical body. Meaning, they know what its like on Earth.


When you cross over, you are given the chance to review your actions and balance your karmic duties. I have a client who has a family member who committed suicide. When I was speaking with her about her nephew, she said that he was depressed and having a hard time. I saw my symbol for suicide and asked if he was seeking help to which she replied yes. Then her family member who did commit suicide came through – he told her that he was helping her nephew in finding a more positive way to cope with his problems. He was assigned to be his  nephews guide because he understood what the nephew was going through and could assist him while balancing his actions as well.  We are still on “assignment” even as we cross over. 


Ascending Masters:


Like I mentioned earlier, I like to speak to Jesus Christ. He’s my go-to in healing sessions and calling upon for love, especially when I lack it within myself. There are many Ascending Masters to speak with. The Ascending Masters are believed to have walked this Earth and are highly spiritually enlightened. You can choose to work with one if you’d like. We all have choice. 


Deceased Loved Ones:


Yes, our deceased loved ones are still with us, even after they cross over. There are many signs and symbols to receive this information if you are looking! And sometimes our deceased loved ones can even team up as a spirit guide. Sometimes grandma stays around because she can assist us in our journey as well. For example, my father who passed is constantly coming in to help me but he’s on assignment with my son. One day I was getting my son ready for boy scouts and I was admiring his new uniform. In thought I said, “I wish my dad could see him” and just when I said that, my son something about his G-papi. I was in shock! My son was little when my father passed and vaguely recalls his G-papi. But then again, I know better. G-papi was there! Truly, your loved ones never go far. 


The Lost Souls


I receive calls and emails all the time about the things that go bump in the night. “Amber! What do I do? I need help!” Simply put, I don’t work with them and they don’t want to work with me! When your vibration is high, its a turn off for them. I work with spirits who want to connect with loved ones, angels, ascending masters and light.


There are souls who are stuck in-between the physical and spiritual plane. They are called Earthbound spirits. They are attached to this physical plane because they are reluctant to move on. Perhaps they are ashamed of their actions or formed really strong attachments in the physical world to a location, or maybe they don’t even know that they have transitioned over. Either way, they have to make the choice to ascend and move up. We all have freewill. Again, I choose not to work with them and they don’t bother me. 


When I started the Chakra Transformation Course, the first thing we did was tap into our crown chakra. Here, we created the team we wanted to work with. You can do that too! If you want to start speaking with Grandmom or maybe be introduced to your guardian angel, you can. All you have to do is ask. Start to create a bond!


If you would like tips and tricks on understanding how they are communicating with you, I invite you to join the Symbols Course. You will know without a doubt how they are reaching out to you. How you can receive their messages and learn their form of communication. Symbols are the best way for this. This course will teach you how to create a communication field in between both worlds. 

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