SIGNS from your Loved Ones

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I can easily tell you that your loved ones are around you, but some people may not feel it, or be able to experience it. Sometimes in our unresolved grief we are stuck in this emotion that we don’t see what is around us. 


Instead of telling you what I mean, I’m going to share with you a personal story to help you understand better.


My step-mom came down to visit me yesterday. I haven’t spent the day with her in a few years, so I wanted to make it extra special and planned out a girls day. I made an appointment to take a drive to sit in a Himalayan salt cove followed up by a massage. I was planning a very relaxing girls day! As I sat down that morning and gathered my work schedule (as she was on her way up to see me), I heard “change of plans.” Uh-oh.


I sat down and reconstructed our day. I turned it over and asked, “Okay, Spirit…what should we do?” I heard to stay local and saw tea cups. That’s it – tea for two! So, I called and made a reservation for a beautiful brunch at a local tea place and then we went to visit the gardens. Perfect, a day outside. Maybe her and I needed to ground! So after tea, we started our journey to the gardens. 


Although I have been countless times to the gardens (which are acres and acres of gardens), I found a door that opened to a nature walk. I’ve never seen it before and was curious so off we went inside!


During our walk, we started a conversation about my dad. (Now just so you know, my father crossed over in 2014.) She asked how he is doing and I was honest, I haven’t ‘seen‘ my dad in a while. “He doesn’t communicate with me as all the other spirits do,” I started to say. And just like that a purple Martin flew out a bird house and in-between us! What was awesome about this – is my maiden name and obviously his last name, is Martin! We looked at each other and started laughing! (SIGN #1)


After we concluded our hour nature walk, there were still plenty of acres to master in the gardens, we walked up the hill and came upon a pond. She was giving me one-on-one personal experience of how she perceived my dad when a turtle came up from the water. (SIGN #2) My dad loved turtles! We actually had them for pets. 


Finally, we walked into yet another garden I have never seen (you have to understand, I have membership to this place, I have been there a lot and was quite surprised when I came upon these two hidden places.) As we walked into this new garden, it was surrounded by chess pieces. My personal SIGN #3…my dad and I would play chess all the time. It was not only one of his favorites games but he purchased a chess set for my husbands’ birthday one year.  I got it dad. Checkmate. <3



If I was oblivious to the signs that day, I would have missed my fathers energy surrounding both of us. If we weren’t in tuned with the messages presented, I wouldn’t have noticed he was there. One of my favorite sayings is this, “There are no coincidences only synchronicity.” 



A lot of us may have gone through life knowing and realizing that things were strange when they lined up…but may have not realized the Universe was playing part in it.


For example, my stepmom at the tea place wanted to try a new tea – she went for some kind of tiger named tea. I laughed and said that I knew she was going for tiger tea because on the frame of her glasses were tiger print. Now here, you may think that is a coincidence, yes? Two of the same thing? But I felt she was really being channeled by her tiger spirit guide. As we left and she sat in my car, she found a stone that she was attracted to and gave it to me, “What’s this Amber?” she asked. “Well, that’s Tiger’s Eye!” Her eyes widened because she knows – there are no coincidences only synchronicities! This is how Universal language works. This is how the Universe speaks to us – through SIGNS!


And what made me giggle was there was a tea house that was exported from England and brought to the gardens for show….



We were truly lined up with Universal synchronicities! I encourage you to take a look around. If there’s someone you truly want to reconnect with who has crossed over, look for their messages. They are sending them to you. Ask and you shall receive. 


And if you would like to know more on understanding universal signs and messages specifically for you in your every day life – check out my live course on SYMBOLS. In the meantime, keep on looking – they are everywhere. 


Much love,

The Chakra Diva 






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