Simple Abundance Crystal Grid

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Crystal grids are an excellent way of amplifying energy and intention to manifest the things we want in life. 


They work because they they are intentional arrangements of stones designed to raise the energy for a specific purpose. In this case, we are raising the bar on abundance!


What you’ll need:



  • Flower of Life template (all purpose grid and connects with the Universe. In addition its used for manifesting) 
  • Citrine stone: tumbled or one with the point that can stand up (Citrine attracts abundance)
  • 8 Clear Quartz Points (Associated with the number of success, power and growth) 


Now this is a SIMPLE crystal grid and basic – and yet still very powerful and with the right intentions, can create magic.


Activate your grid and then make sure to give it attention daily! 




To learn the ADVANCED abundance crystal grid OR crystal grids for HEALERS take a peak at this ONLINE workshop!



Happy Crystal Blessings! 




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