Two Key Ingredients to Clearing Your Chakras

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There are hundreds of chakras all throughout the body. They nurture us with Universal life chi, prana or energy. Without the flow of energy in your chakras, you may have stagnant or blocked chi. When this happens, dis-ease and disconnection within the body, mind and spirit occur.


There are seven primary chakras that run from the base of your spine (root chakra) to the top of your head (crown chakra). These chakras are very important to pay attention to as each one gives the body a specific kind of energy that is essential to your physical and spiritual needs.


When energy within a chakra becomes stagnant, the chakra needs to be CLEARED and BALANCED in order to get the energy flowing correctly again. 


There are two KEY factors when clearing out your chakras. You must do both or the stagnant energy may return.




This means clear out the energetic flow in the subtle body. We are all made up of energy and different vibrations. The energy around our body (the aura) is important to clear out as well as the chakra energy centers.  Below are a few of suggested methods to use. There are many more:


  • Crystals: Crystals give off a perfect frequency that when placed in the aura, the aura balances to that which comes in. For example, if you place rose quartz on your heart charka, the rose quartz adds the frequency of love into your energetic field. Your aura will recalibrate and shift to match that frequency. 


  • Yoga. Moving the body is a fantastic way to move stagnant energy. Yoga helps connect in on a spiritual level as well.


  • Meditation. To receive more information about your chakra, you may want to try meditation and seeing what kind of impressions you receive from Higher Guidance.


  • Energy Work. I am a big fan of reiki and energy work. My personal preference is Crystal Reiki however please feel free to use any form you are drawn to.


  • Color Therapy. Setting the intention to clear out a vibration and following through with color therapy can also assist in the healing process. For example, you may want to honor your throat chakra by wearing blue or even a blue colored crystal with the intention of healing.


2. The emotional attachment 


The other part to healing a chakra comes from within. To understand yourself better you can ask questions such as, “What am I holding onto?” or “What needs to be released?”


Sometimes we may have a hard time understanding our emotions or even being aware of what they are. We may go about the process of a situation without actually addressing our own emotions and needs. 


For example, the throat chakra addresses communication on all levels. Are you speaking with your truth, are you listening as well as speaking? Are you holding back who you truly are to the world. Sitting in a place of NON-JUDGEMENT can be difficult however it brings more awareness to your actions, choices, beliefs and reactions. When we truly sit in understanding ourselves deeper, we can move stagnant energy away from our field.


Think of our words and even our thoughts going out into the air. After we speak them, the energy penetrates out into the space.


When our words are not in alignment with our truth, they get stuck in our own aura and become stagnant. (This is an example of the throat chakra). 


This is why its important to clear your aura and chakras subtle body energies. We have lots of energies around us all the time, our own and even others. Are you an empath? You maybe be grabbing a hold of others energies and keeping them in your aura! Remember to clear out your subtle body energies AND clear out your emotions/thoughts. 


When you take care of these two important ingredients, the energy will begin to release again.


It takes time, it takes practice but you got this. You are the creator of your reality and I wish you much success.  


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