The Tarot Reading That Was a Game Changer

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My throat has been bothering me consistently for ten weeks now. The throat chakra governs communication, honesty, will to follow through with things into the physical world and even how well you listen. It was apparent that I wasn’t taking responsibility for something!


As you may know, I also speak with Spirit. My awesome Spirit Team and people who have crossed over.  And you may also know that my healing practices are different than many. I consult my ST (spirit team) for everything. And when I get stuck, I pull out my tarot cards.


There are quite a few areas in the throat chakra that I could use some work on (after all we are all improving) so I called in my ST to throw me out some advice on my throat chakra because I wasn’t sure what was the cause! Now, this tarot spread is very specific as it is tailored to a specific chakra, so I was ready to face my fears.


It was the most game-changing tarot spread to date for me.


I placed the first card down, Queen of Swords. The next was card was what was blocking me…The Queen of Pentacles. What’s the root of my problem? The page of swords. 


Shit just got serious. 



You see, the queens is an aspect of me – my role as a mother. While the page of swords is my son. HELLO! The communication between us has been conflicting as he’s entering the stage where, “I don’t want to do that!” is becoming a thing.


In truth, he’s just like me. He beats his own drum knowing that he’s also different. He pushes buttons to see how far he can go …. I was exactly like that, so I get it. But as mom, I don’t like it! 


Tarot cards give you so much information in a single card that its incredible. The Queen of Swords says that I use my words to communicate and I do. Words are powerful, however the Queen of Pentacles says I have to put down my job and be present. I must take responsibility to spend more quality time with my kiddo. This is spot on and eye-opening. 


The page of swords reminds me that he’s just a little boy and he thinks he has a big sword, but in reality, sometimes it turns into a cub. He doesn’t know how to use it yet and is still finding out about himself and the world. And still…sometimes I need that reminder too.


I asked how he saw me and was given the devil card. (Don’t make me laugh!) Controlling, eh? Guess I can be when I ask to put on your shoes for fifteen minutes to leave the house…. but what do I know? 🙂


And if I continued this path, the seven of wands. I would be defending myself still…


So I ask, what’s the best way to clear this energy and they said to celebrate! Go out and have more fun. And that I can do!


I share this story with you, so you can see how important it is to get to the bottom of a situation. When you change the vibration and fill it back with love, it also changes you. It gives you insight of where you can grow and move forward.


It takes great courage to look at our own stuff. To take responsibility for our part in all situations. When my body talks to me, I know that I’m obviously missing some sort of lesson in my life. As soon as it takes place, I start my quest for answers and finding the parts of myself that I could love more. 


If you are so inspired, you can do your own reading. Grab a deck of tarot or oracle cards and start to connect to your Higher Self or your ST. You will receive the most profound answers. As long as you are ready to look into your life honestly, you can unravel the web that was woven and move mountains. I highly recommend having a journal near by, you’ll want to write everything down. And if you get “stuck” on a card, think about it throughout the day or week. The important part is that you are taking the steps to move forward.


Many blessings on own your journey,





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