Healing the Chakras with Crystal Reiki 2

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You can use this guided meditation as a general detox of your chakras by applying Crystal Reiki. You can use a physical crystal or if you are attuned to the vibration of a crystal, bring that one into your energy field. If you do not have any crystals and want a detox, no worries. Use your finger to draw in each symbol into your chakras.


Please note: You must be attuned to Crystal Reiki to apply Crystal Reiki to you or anyone else. For more information click here. Please read the entire meditation PRIOR to doing it. 



Relax and get comfortable either lying down or sitting in a chair.


Breathe in through your nose filling your diaphragm and your chest for a count of six. Then hold for a count of two. Finally exhale completely for a count of six. Continue this practice for 3 -5 minutes.


Set the intention that you are breathing in Crystal Reiki energy, a beautiful white beaming light. With every in-breath the light flows into your Crown Chakra (above your head) and into your head. Let it flow down your neck, shoulders, arms. Down your chest, stomach, hips, thighs, legs, down to your feet. Feel this beautiful light flow out of your feet and deeply into the ground.


Now, return the light from the bottom of your feet, up your knees, thighs, hips, stomach. Keep sending it up through your chest, shouldn’t and then down your arms.  The light comes out through your fingers and shines brightly out in all directions.


Place one palm up to the sky and the other (usually your non-dominant hand) at the top of your crown chakra. Scan your crown chakra with your non-dominant hand. Feel/visualize the flow of this field. How does your crown chakra look? What does it feel like? It is wide open? Is it dense? Does it need one of the 15 Crystal Reiki symbols? If so, using your finger, draw that symbol into your crown chakra or crystal. Visualize the symbol entering the crown chakra and into your energetic field. You can use one or as many symbols as you’d like. If you have a crystal and are laying down, place the symbol on your crystal and above your head. 


Next again with one palm up resting on the floor or your lap, scan your third eye with your other hand. What colors/images/feelings/impressions do you receive? What does it feel like? Place any symbols that you may need for your third eye.


Do this technique for the rest of your chakras: throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root.


Finish this meditation by visualizing or holding an amethyst in your hand. Allow a protective light surround your entire body and filling it with energy from the Universe. Give thanks to the Universe.


*You can choose any kind of light color you want for closing protection. I like to visualize a deep purple sparkling light coming out the amethyst and flowing all around me. This color feels protective and joyful at the same time.*


When you are finished, you can gently come out of this meditation by wiggling your fingers and toes or you can meditate unit you are feel you are ready to move on further. Enjoy your day!

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2 thoughts on “Healing the Chakras with Crystal Reiki

  • Logan

    Hi I am so happy that i have joined the light workers lab. Thank you for all your teachings on crystal reiki and chakra healing and earth energy healing. I found the earth grounding meditation to be an amazing expeirance that really helped me to connect to earth energy and bring a stable peace that I can carry with me through the day, or repeat if need be. I am very happy to be learning about crystal reiki and will soon be able to use it for myself. I would love to take part in a online session with your light teachings Have a grounded day!

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      You just brightened my day! Thank you Logan for such a thoughtful comment. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for being here!