How to Send Effective Long Distance Crystal Reiki

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Giving a healing session can be done in-person or long distance (meaning you don’t see the person as they are far away). Both are effective as energy does not have boundaries and therefore, we have access to this energy if a person is near us or not. It is our limited belief that energy can only manifests in physical formation and that we need the person to be next to us. This is not so. 


Ethnically, you do not want to call in a persons energy without their knowledge. You see, the person who is need of healing needs to accept the healing. If they don’t want to be healed and you are sending healing energies, it won’t be received as the person has chosen not to receive them.  Healing sessions are partnerships between the healer and the client. 


Supplies needed for a long distance session


  • A photo is helpful of the person, but not necessary. You need a way to identify the person, either by using their name and location or even birthplace or even an object that reminds you of them.
  • Crystal Reiki Heart 
  • Six clear quartz points
  • Wand
  • Optional* Extra crystals to use


**You can also choose to use a grid. This is optional and not necessary. If you want to give them long distance Crystal Reiki over a few days or a certain time period, you can use a grid to  keep the energies going.**



How to Conduct Effective Long Distance Crystal Reiki 


Find a time/place where you will be uninterrupted. Place a photo or a piece of paper with your clients information in front of you. You can even write down your intention for that healing to take place. If you are sending energies over a period of time, you may want to place this photo in a grid such as the seed of life or flower of life template.


I highly recommend clearing out your chakras or meditating for a few minutes prior to calling in your clients energy field. This will better prepare you energetically to be calm and really set the intention with Source to assist your client. 


Place your heart crystal in your non-dominant hand and your wand in your dominant hand. Visualize white energy coming in from your crown chakra and down to your heart chakra. Breathe in and out through your heart chakra powering it up. Then visualize this energy flowing down to your hand chakras. Your hand chakras are “powering up” your crystals in your hands. Breathe in to your hand chakras. What color do you see?


Set the intention to send healing energy from Source to help assist in healing the client according to the client’s highest good. 


Place the six clear quartz crystals around the photo in the Star of David formation. 


While holding your heart crystal in your non-dominant hand and the wand in your dominant hand. Draw any Crystal Reiki symbols that the client may need over the photo. (Any of the 15!)  You can also add any crystals on the photo or grid the client may need. For example, if its a physical problem with the clients heart, you may want to use rose quartz or green aventurine. If the client has a circulatory problem, you may want to use bloodstone etc. 


When you are finished, place both hands (you can put down your crystal wand and heart) over the photo and intend to send healing energies to the client. You may feel hot/cold/tingling through this period. Sit with this energy as you feel any or all energies until it returns to “normal.”


Always be sure to thank Source, your spirit team and the crystal reiki guides!




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