How Often Should You See Your Energy Healer

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After a session, it is very common for clients to ask me, “When should I see you next?” And the truth is every person is different. 


What I have noticed from my many sessions is that clients usually come back when they hit bottom again. Meaning, they feel drained and their energy has depleted. This is too late. The emotional baggage they are carrying around has left an imprint in their aura and thats why they are really there (but on a conscious level, don’t realize this).



A good energy healer will let you know what areas are depleted or overactive with energy. If you find one that has been practicing for a while, they may even know the cause of it. And better yet, they take notes!


I have always given my clients their notes, however recently I made a change in procedure. Now I write them twice!


They each have a file in my office so I can see:

1. when they were in last to indicate how long it took for the change in energy flow
2. note the exact changes (leaks and flow of energy) from the previous time. This helps me determine their energy flow even better.


When you allow some time (4-6 weeks), you can see what chakra goes out of alignment first. This will give the energy healer lots of information of where to help them as well as you, as a client. You may discover that your throat chakra is the weakest and spend more time on improving it.


In addition, some chakras can be chronically charged with energy that needs to be cleared out. If you see an energy healer regularly, you will know which ones.


For example, look at this situation below:


Sarah is moving into a new home and is feeling stressed with all the responsibilities that she is keeping up with. She saw an energy healer which indicated her root chakra is overactive. As this is a temporary situation, the energy in her root chakra may return back to balance once she gets moved in. As an energy healer, I would bring balance back to her root chakra, but not truly concerned as this is temporary situation.


Now, if Sarah came in and every time her sessions indicated an overactive root chakra, I would spend time to uncover her subconscious beliefs that are creating this energy flow. I would ask to see her more regularly and give her homework to improve and bring balance and peace to her. On a side note, you may want to ask your energy healer what you can do to keep your energy going in between sessions too.


Ideally, 4-6 weeks gives enough time to see changes in the energy field. If there’s something chronic in the physical body, bi-weekly. 


My regular clients who see me every 4-6 weeks have mentioned how lighter and better they feel. That their anxiety and depression has lessened and they have learned to claim their own energy back. They also learn something new about themselves each visit. 


As you can always clear your energy at home, I highly recommend seeing someone else too because they can catch things that sometimes we don’t see.  


A session in person can be an amazing experience, however sometimes you can’t go out to see a healer. Energy sessions can be done in-person or long distance. 


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Wishing you much love on your energy journey!





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