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Synchronicities happen when you are in alignment with Divine, Source, Spirit – what you may call it. There are not accidents but signs to assist you in direction. For me, I experience synchronicities when I’m following my path that my Soul has chosen.


I’ll take you through one of my typical days of how synchronicity takes place.


I wake up at 5 and take get ready to take my pup outside for a walk. The first thought that popped in my head was remembering that I have to get my neighbor a present. Odd thought for this early in the morning I think. I open the door and there is my neighbor standing in front of my house. She is walking her dog as well. 


Now you may brush this off, but its synchronicity from the Universe. 


Heading to work, I get a sudden craving for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. I haven’t had one in a few months and think, why not? I’ll stop in town and grab a bite before going in, I have time. As I order my sandwich, a voice says, “Are you still ordering the same thing after all these years?” Its a co-worker, who I haven’t seen in 15 years, standing behind me in line. Crazy thing, we worked together an hour away from our current location. 


A client calls me and needs an appointment pronto. I look at my schedule and its pretty close with sessions but I see an hour where I can get her in. When she comes in I ask her what prompted her emergency visit. She says, “Nothing, its been a long time since we saw each other.”  After starting her session, we find out that we are both traveling to a different state the following week. She tells me she’s catching an airplane from an airport in another state. I told her me too….we start talking and we are on the same flight!


These are synchronicities and they happen frequently. I notice them more when I’m on the right track with things happening in life. 


I make no apologies, but let Spirit take the lead. 


How do you get in alignment with the Universe? You first make the intention to do so! 


I have willingly surrendered to Spirit or God. Meaning, I had a personal conversation (in prayer) with intention to let the Big U show me the way. Not my way. Not how I think things should go, but surrender. Abandon ship of my own ego and let God lead.


I then tune in and let my intuition guide me. This doesn’t necessarily follow logic either. I always say I make no apologies and its true, I don’t. There have been many illogical decisions that I have made that have turned out better than I could ask for.


For example, when I was 16, I saw a guy walking on the side walk. I intuitively got this feeling that I should ask him if he wanted a ride. Now, the logical side of me (and adult) would tell my younger self that I was CRAZY for picking up a stranger… hello, stranger danger, Amber! But I didn’t use logic, I went with my gut. We have now been together and married for 15 years. Best decision I ever made!


Sometimes I get asked to give a reading and when I tune in, I hear Spirit say no. Logically, I could still do the reading and contribute to my income, but when Spirit says no, I listen. Turns out that person who really wanted a reading heard the answer herself from her own Spirit Team. Perfect! And because she respected why I didn’t give her a reading, she referred me to her friends.  You see, when we listen and honor Spirit things come together for us all. 


Now, I’m definitely not implying that you should always dismiss logic. That would be silly! But there definitely is a learning curve with following your intuition and using logic. 


When you turn it over and let Spirit lead, the most miraculous things start to line up. You know you are on the right path because this ISH is crazy! How does it come together so beautifully??? You will be amazed at all the surprises around every corner. 


Just a quick recap.  To experience synchronicity in your life:


1. Set the intention with Source that you are willing to surrender and be open to receiving this guidance 

2. Listen to your intuition.  Learn to lean on it more often. 

3. When Spirit sends a request, follow through with action! 


As you practice these steps, doors will open and magic will appear. You will be surprised at how cool life can really be when things fall together so nicely. 


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