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I was in my early twenties and had a lot on my mind. Speaking with a reiki practitioner (which she was considered a “spiritual counselor” as reiki wasn’t popular at the time), we struck up a conversation about food. She said, “You know there’s energy in the food we eat. I’m not talking about the food itself, although it vibrates at a certain frequency, I’m talking about the exchange of energy in between.”


She used fast food as her example. She continued, “When you order your food, its moving quickly down the line. The energy is fast past. The person who made it may have had a bad day, may be rushing to get the order out the order or not even care! Say the person making your burger slams on the cheese and then squeezed ketchup and hurries it by wrapping up the burger. What kind of energy do you think the transfer was?”


At the time, I heard what she was saying, I understood…but I didn’t fully comprehend that the exchange of energy is just as important as the food vibration itself. 


When we create a meal for ourselves we are putting energy into the meal. I know in my experience, whenever I turn up the tunes, sing and dance within rhythm of cooking, my food always tastes delicious. Its because I’m putting good vibes into the dish. 


Even when we pray over our food for good health and may it nourish ourselves, we add to the energy exchange of our food. We are ultimately increasing the high vibes. The case has been proven in Dr. Emoto’s water experiment. Words are energy. But its not just our words, its also our emotions.




I was hosting a crystal reiki share at my center one evening. Everyone learned how to feel energy and we were clearing out the auric field around everyone. One of the girls said, “Amber, can you feel this?” to the person who were were clearing out. I placed my hand a few inches of her back and went in circles to understand what this energy was about. 


I heard the words, “Mac n cheese.” I said, “Did you have mac n cheese tonight?” The girl said, ‘Yes! But only a little bit!” I laughed and said, “Okay, cause its stuck in your auric field!”


Later after the share was over, she told me that she had resentment eating the mac n cheese. She truly didn’t want to eat it, however she was hungry and needed something before coming to the center. 


The energy exchange between her choice of food and the emotion she placed on the food entered her auric field. Just like the energy at any place making food, whether its a fast food restaurant or fancy schmancy place – energy is still there. Its always present. 



So what is energy exchange? Let’s start at the basics: your food as a certain vibration to it. When I look at the aura of whole foods the aura is bright. When I look at the auric field of a box of “food”, its snugged close and dim. Live foods or foods that are directly from Mother Earth are filled with higher vibrations than man-made in a box. The process for creating processed foods dims the aura.  Science have finally “seen” the proof using Killian photography. 


Then of course, there’s your energy field. You are vibrating at a certain rate as well. This field can change rapidly according to your thoughts, environmental surroundings and more. Its always moving. 


The energy exchange is the vibration between your food and your body. Its incorporating the energy of the food and your auric field. Here is an example of auras and energy fields in research. 


What I have learned from Spirit is this….


We can’t deny or be ignorant to the fact that energy is everywhere. From the most mundane aspect (like the energy of a physical object) to the most controversial – Spirit, it still exists. Just because we don’t understand it, doesn’t mean its not there.


Furthermore, we are holding on and carrying vibrations at all times. For example, our food and even our words and emotions are carrying vibrations at all times. We may overlook them, but we shouldn’t. Instead increasing our awareness and upgrading the molecular structure of the energy is even more critical. 


These unseen vibrations are affecting us in more ways than we understand at this point. My clients body was holding onto the energetic imprint of the food, mac-n-cheese. Her emotional body was holding onto the resentment. We can shift our energetic vibration in a single thought, perception and experience.


Things to keep high-vibe food:


  • Pray over your food. Have gratitude for the food that has landed on your plate. To be honest, I pray in public restaurants. This helps align my food and prepare my body for the energy exchange between us.


  • Give crystal reiki or energy healing over your food. Another way to align my dish with me. 


  • Turn on some music and dance. If you are creating a meal, bump it up with some music and make it fun! The vibe of the food will also be enhanced. 


  • Create high vibe meals. This means little processed so you are receiving earth energy directly. 


  • Go apple – berry – peach picking! Whatever is in season, walk out there and be part of the process or try growing your own food. 


  • If someone else is making your food, bless them too. Thank them for the meal they have created for you. 


  • Make food choices that your body is in aligned with. If you truly feel you shouldn’t eat those chocolate covered peanuts, then don’t. Be aware of how your body feels and make a higher vibrational choice. Honor and respect yourself. Dates are always a good snack for people who crave sugar. Be aware, too many will make your bowls lose. 🙂 Your welcome. 



Your words and emotions are powerful. Our power is underestimated a lot, but we do hold the key. Be aware of the energy of your food and the exchange that is going into your body. Ask yourself,


What is the underlying reason I’m making this choice?

How will my body feel with this food, emotion etc.?

What am I truly feeling? Am I denying something? 


These questions will help you understand your own energy the more you become more aware of your physical, emotional and mental stable bodies or your lower three chakras. 


Love and light,







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