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It is beyond important for us to focus on clearing out the debris in our charkas. It’s pivotal to do it daily.


Why I stress so much on this is because our inside world reflects our outside world and if we’re not liking where we are or what we are seeing, we must change our vibration.


Our chakras have two components: 


  1. The middle, which is our purest form of ourselves (in all seven chakras)
  2. The outside, which holds our beliefs and things we have created 


For example, take my client John. John has the “want” to bring financial freedom to himself, however, no matter how hard he tries, he’s still “broke.” While working on John’s root chakra (the base chakra) I discovered a belief that he created stating he had to work hard to make ends meet. This is a belief that actually came from his father. His father worked very hard and said, “You have to work hard if you want to make any money.” Unfortunately, this also became John’s belief and he never released himself from this pattern. Matter-a-fact, he didn’t even realize he had this pattern until it was brought to his attention. After erasing the programming or belief, he discovered how to work with the energy exchange pattern of money and making it a positive one, letting promotions come his way.




Claire is another client who came to me with “pain” in her upper right abdomen but no matter how many sonograms she had, the doctor didn’t see anything. When I sat with her “pain” and asked questions, it felt like the emotion of anger. “What are you angry about that has to do with following your path,” I asked. She said she felt restricted as if she couldn’t manifest the things she wanted to do her other obligations. I showed Claire how to work on her solar plexus using energy techniques, crystals and journaling and she took the steps needed to free herself from the “lack of belief” that was deep inside.



It’s important to start to clear out the subtle energetic debris of your charkas first. This way, the daily day -to-day activities are gone.  The first day you will receive a 50-60 minute tune-up of your chakras. 


How it works: You choose the time to do the chakra clearing. I will program the energies to arrive to you at the specific day/time you choose. Please note: *You will receive no communication from me this day. Because time is a reference for us in the 3D, I can still transmit energies when and where you need them. It’s kind of like me speaking to the deceased – they still exist, even if its not in our dimension. The energies will still go into your inner being…. 



The second day is about looking at old beliefs that do not serve you. Maybe they once did, but they no longer do. We hold onto old programming until we can change the vibration, frequency and finally, release it.



Client Anne was always trying to please everyone. She felt she had to “live up to everyone’s expectations.” When I looked into her solar plexus chakra, she admitted that she always tried to please everyone else. She was feeling left depleted running her energy for everyone but her. When I brought this to her attention, she lit up. She has been pleasing everyone since she was a child by doing what her parents told her to an extreme. She was always considered the “good kid” because she did everything that was expected of her. And quite frankly, she was tired of doing it! We released the subtle energies in her solar plexus and worked on affirmations. When she noticed that she slipped back into the same pattern, she gently gave herself some self-love and acceptance and gently told others where she stood. 




Day 2 is about clearing out old beliefs. In Day 1, I cleared out your charkas so I know what chakras can use some TLC. I will send you an email with what chakras need work and some suggested belief clearings patterns. You can choose up to two charkas to work on. 


In this time, I will work by sending you Crystal Reiki to the specific area you wish to release. This is like a power wash to your chakras. Already cleared in Day 1 to get to the specific vibration in Day 2. 




It is important that after you release energy, you replace energy. In Day 3, we replace stagnant old energy with running chi or prana. You will receive a third crystal reiki healing session guided by the Light and seal these energies. In addition you will receive an email for the best crystal(s) to use during your energy healing.


In this 3-Day Crystal Reiki Healing you will receive:


  • Crystal Reiki Healing Energies for Three Days 
  • Receive Three personal sessions each day for approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Two emails (one with evaluation and two with suggested crystals) 


Crystal Reiki Healing assists in:


  • Spiritual Empowerment 
  • Health & Wellness
  • Releasing the Old, Bringing in the New 
  • Manifestation





I do not claim to heal people or magically make their problems disappear. I send Crystal Reiki  to people’s chakras, and this cleanses and balances them, initiating the inbuilt self-healing mechanism within us that heals us. In short, I help you heal yourself and your life by activating your own self-healing powers. It is an important distinction to consider as you make a commitment to health, happiness and abundance.