Amber’s Angel Team

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Each of us has a team of Angels with us at all times. They are here to guide and protect as we venture on throughout this lifetime. 


In my healing practice, I call upon the same Angels to assist me, however it may change depending upon my clients needs and/or purpose and sometimes they pop in and tell me whose here!


Here’s a few that I call upon in every session. Please feel free to call upon an angel to assist you and they will also be at your side!


Archangel Michael:

I, like many other people, have an adorning love for Archangel Michael. He is strong, handsome and a fierce protector. Holding a sword in his hand, he not only protects my room but helps me cut any energy cords that need to be removed. Archangel Michael is also the messenger of love, generosity and kindness. If you need help opening your heart or courage to move forward, please call upon him.


Archangel Raphael:

My walls glow this vibrant, amazing green when Archangel Raphael is around! It is a beautiful sight to see for sure! Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer and is known as “Physician of God.” He provides physical and emotional healing. If you are having a “woo is me” kind of day – call upon him to show you gifts that you have in your life. 


Archangel Raziel:

I recently started working with Archangel Raziel as I was confused to his light color. (Remember I see colors when Spirit comes in a room?) His light is a blue shade and I was confusing him with Archangel Michael for some time. (Big oops!) But Archangel Raziel helps not only open your third eye (as he is known as the “Keeper of Secrets” but also helps assist in accepting what you cannot change. If you are holding onto the reins tightly about a situation, feel free to surrender your fears and doubts to Archangel Raziel as he can assist you. 


Guardian Angel

Everyone has as guardian angel, everyone. When you enter the physical realm, you were given a guardian angel. Some of us have two, but everyone has one. They are here to assist us from birth to death and never leave your side. When I give a session, I call upon mine for guidance as well as my clients. It may be a small session room, but it is packed with love and light!