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Hi, I’m Amber <3



I’ve been on a quest to find out the “purpose of life” and “who I am” for years. I mean years….but I didn’t realize I was searching for quite some time.


When in 2007, I became a stay at home mom, it gave me the opportunity to further experience a lot of personal challenges. My life prior was all about a false lineup of beliefs I had about who I was  and I was falling down a spiral staircase. Weighing at 200 lbs, lost and confused – I felt like I had the weight on my shoulders. There was a resistance and a lot of LACK in my life. 


2013, I was in the hospital after experiencing a horrific episode of vertigo. It was my first time ever experiencing such a thing and I blacked out, couldn’t see anything around me. I was scared and instantly tuned in.


I asked into the darkness that I saw.  “Okay, is this it? Am I done?”


And I heard a voice that I haven’t heard since I was in my teens – my spirit guides!!!


“Am I going to be alright?” I asked. “Yes. He responded.” And with that, off I went to the hospital to recover for a few weeks.




(My guide and mentor, meet mom)


From this experience I started to connect in. Return to speaking to my guides like I did when I was a child. I’ve always seen auras and “put it away” for such some time. I now knew it was time to return. 


One day I asked them for guidance to get me through this rough patch and they sent me to a website who talked about feeling energy. I activated my hand chakras and was amazed at how much flow I could feel. What does this mean??? 


I bought a massage table and asked for all my friends and family to let me feel their energy. They did even though I had no idea what I was doing! (THANK YOU FRIENDS!)


I started to incorporate my crystals into the practice and I have having incredible results. My babies never leave my side.



My main psychic abilities are: FEELING ENERGY (this is how I receive my information through energy sessions), CLAIRAUDIENCE (I hear spirit guides talk to me), CLAIRVOYANCE (I’ve always seen others auras, among other things)  And through my gifts,  I offer readings, chakra balancing sessions and can tap into the unseen world to help clients. 


My purpose is to help you explore your own energy – to tap in you your inner-self and be the best version that you can be. I show you how through chakra practices: affirmations, journaling, crystals, energy techniques and magic.  


I have a boutique located in Bel Air, Maryland for sessions and give crystal workshops at Lunar Bay Studio. 


Always through love and light,





  • Reiki II
  • Holistic Coach from Spencer Institute (2013)
  • Food and Spirit Practitioner (March 2016)
  • Deborah King – LifeForce Energy Healing Certificate 1 (2015)