Body-Mind Symptom Connection

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Each physical ailment connects not only with a physical aspect but an emotional aspect as well.

This is the body-mind connection.


Be open and see if the information below resonates with you. It could be an key to the maze….


Please note, these are just some of the areas of the body, not all.


Adrenal Glands:

They are located at the top of the kidneys and part of the endocrine system. They relate to your ability to manage your energy in healthy ways and are linked to the fight or fight response system. They can relate to the emotional aspect of feeling lost in relationship with self or others and feeling undeserving or lack of direction to take in life.

Chakras Affected: Solar Plexus and Root Chakra


Arms and Hands:

Metaphor for carrying on too much for others or feeling like your stuck and your hands are tied. There may also be a fear of letting go or feeling the need to grasp or hold tight. An underlying fear about things being out of your hands may be felt as well.

Chakra Affected: Heart chakra



Carrying the weight of the world – taking on too much. Wishing you could go back and change something. Perhaps having no backbone to stand your own….

Lower back: linked to survival (family, safety, finances)

Middle back: Guilt

Upper back: Feel unsupported by life

Chakra Affected: Root, Solar Plexus and/or Heart



Lack of self-nurture tends to land here.  The need to turn in and take care of yourself first. It can be anything unresolved or unprocessed emotions which lack inner peace.

Chakra Affected: Heart



The heart is connected to receiving love and the ability to manifest. Matters could be: inner conflict, feeling lost, not listening and following direction of your own heart.

Chakra affected: Heart


Legs and Feet:

Feeling unsafe moving forward, being ungrounded, being unsure of the next step, fearful to move

Chakra Affected: Root



What can’t you stomach? Hating someone’s guts? Constipation is feeling stuck or not letting go of the old Diarrhea, quick reactions Feelings connected can be feeling undeserving of things. The stomach is also connected to the emotion of worry.

Chakra Affected: Sacral and Solar Plexus



Are you choking on words, swollowing emotions, feeling choked? Imbalances of speaking, giving advice, feeling the next to express or connect in a healthy way.

Chakra Affected: Throat


Pulling it all together….