Chakra Guidance

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The Chakra Reading is very unique.. I tap into each one of your chakras and discover what they are asking for currently in your life at this present moment. 


What you may need to heal, let go and release or live joyfully in….I listen to your guides and receive messages. 



You do not have to be present in any way for me to tap into your energy field. You can choose to lie down at your home, if you want to, as I check out your chakras, but there’s no communication between us. You will know that I’m tapped into your energy by the reading – you will have affirmation and things that clue you in. 


A follow up PDF will be emailed you with notes from the session.  

Payment is $40 


Payment through Paypal. No refunds. 

Read what people are saying…


“Amber and her healing are simply amazing. She knows how to connect with your energy and I always feel calm and balanced after a session with her. Just recently I needed some long distance healing. She set up a time for 7am just as I was about to head out for a run. During my run my legs all of the sudden started to feel heavy and I came to a complete stop. I knew right away that it was Amber. After a brief moment, I started running again. I could feel energy in my solar plexus chakra, then heart, then throat. I was amazed as I was feeling all of these sensations during my run. It’s the same as when I’m doing an in-person session with her. Even with my eyes closed I can feel her manipulate my chakra and feel the energies from the stones and crystals she uses. From time to time out of the blue, Amber will reach out to me with a message. I don’t know why it still surprises me, but she’s always on point with what I’m feeling in that moment and the message she gives me is exactly what I need to hear. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m still surprised. I am in awe and a believer of her abilities. I have recommended her over and over again and all of my friends are hooked. Amber is a warm, loving, healing soul and I am blessed to have her in my life.” -Sandy J. at So What? I run.




 “The night before you did the healing, my brother Michael sent me a prayer of healing.  After the healing my head felt better, less pressure and I had a rush of energy.  I stayed at worked an extra hour and a half cleaning.  So thank you!!  You’re the best!!!” – Donna, Baltimore




Lois M. “I really enjoy your classes,you are amazing.Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”




“Thank you kindly for the healing, the crystals and all the information … you have affected me deeply and in ways you will never know…” Gwen




I felt my left side tingling and the top of my head felt like it was being pulled, just the top part no other part.  About an hour later I felt energized and had no issues walking. So thumbs up to you Amber.  – Andrea, Baltimore



Oh my gosh,  Amber.   This is so right on target.      It’s quite remarkable.

Sue, Columbia


My reading was fantastic! Absolutely everything resonated and I really feel as though I got a sense of what to do next or what will help me make my next move. – Rachael Papaleo