Private Chakra Coaching

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Chakra Coaching

From Psychic Development to Goal Setting to Building Relationships to Hearing Your Higher Self and everything in between…


In my work as a Chakra Energy Healer  I found my clients saying the same thing…


I keep telling people I felt like I had a combo touchless massage/therapy session. I don’t know how else to say it, but it was that sort of relaxing feeling post-session.” – David D. of Baltimore




“You have an amazing gift and beautiful spirit. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me. It was a very eye opening experience and I left very hopeful about my future. Thanks to you.” – Gracie, PA.




As an energy healer, I move the energies around a clients subtle body and use my keen insight to know what cords and attachments are being held to a person. We dig down to the core thought/belief that is creating these attachments and homework is provided. 


As an chakra coach, I navigate through your chakras and help you uncover some of the beliefs to help give you the push you need. In addition, I help connect you to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self already knows the answers and sometimes we have to just do a little digging! 


I’m like a spiritual mentor – I talk to your guides above and help you to move forward. What does chakra coaching consists of? Everything unconventional that’s for sure!




First, I look at your subtle body energy flow, by calling in your spirit guides to understand any energetic blockages throughout your chakras. I address the Earth Star Chakra all the way up to the Crown Chakra. Here, I look at  the energy flow of your system. 


Then a reading takes place. A chakra reading to find out what your chakras are craving for to become in a state of balance. This reading can also present the future and a story as well.



***If you are interested in an Intuitive Chakra Reading ONLY, click here.***




What do you desire? What do you crave for in life? We do some goal setting! 



As a Chakra Coach, I help people change their habits. I am an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.


**I DO NOT  prescribe medicine or take the place of a medical professional. I am a motivator, a coach, to gently nudge the client toward lasting results and lifestyle change using holistic and natural methods.**


As long as you are motivated to do the work, I stand by you as a kick ass chakra coach. 





Power Me UP! 

What’s included:


  • Analysis from spirit determining the flow of energy through your chakras.
  • 75 minute Conversation  where we look at challenges, barriers and SOLUTIONS
  • Intuitive Guidance Reading + Mini Crystal Reiki 
  • Techniques to connect in with your Higher Self and Source/Spirit 
  • Personalized Plan to move you ahead 


This is a one-stop shop! If you need some intuitive guidance to help push you through a situation and check in with your guides, this is for you! Sometimes we just need a little support in moving us forward, Spirit can and will!




Mentor Me!

Sometimes we need a mentoring partner and someone to help keep us on track. This package includes more support to help you on your goal.



  • 3x – 60 minute phone calls, bi-weekly to assist in removing blocks and barriers and keeping you on track
  • Personalized plan of action 
  • Intuitive Chakra Reading 
  • 1 hour of crystal reiki: removing past blockages, ancestral ties and more
  • Tools to raise your vibration to continue on with your success

**Payment plans are available.**




The Spiritual Make Over

This is an extreme transformation! If you are ready to include Spirit in your life, this is for you! You will learn techniques from grounding + being aligned to live spiritually, practically and with purpose. 


  • 8x – 60 minute bi-weekly phone conversations identifying everything from barriers to miracles
  • Steps to achieve your BIG time goals
  • Learn to connect in with your Higher Self and clear chakras on all levels (mind, body and spirit)
  • Intuitive Guidance Reading
  • 2x – 30 minute Crystal Reiki sessions
  • Learn to attract the things you truly desire!


**Payment plans available.**

$1244.00 USD


Ready to move into action? Email me for a 15 minute consultation.  


“Thank you kindly for the healing, the crystals and all the information … you have affected me deeply and in ways you will never know…everyone could benefit from your healing… in fact, I am already referring people to you..” Gwen