Chakra Reading + Energy Healing

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We are all made up of energy and consist of energy centers within each of us, known as chakras.


Our thoughts send out different frequencies of vibrations. They can be considered ‘bad’ and ‘good’ but really its energy…energy doesn’t understand bad or good. It sends out what you put out. 


When we have repeated negative thoughts, these thought vibrations are released into our aura. (Remember, we are not as “dense” as we appear to be!)  If the vibration is negative or clouded, it sends that vibration as “clouded” in the aura thus leaving a heavy and dense energy pockets. Over time and with repeated energy patterns, this energy becomes collected not only in the aura but starts to manifest on a physical level as well. 


I highly recommend clearing out your aura daily by using visualizations, crystals, meditation etc. In addition, honoring and respecting your emotions to move from point A to B. From where you want to be.


Each chakra represents a different aspect of our lives. And its no coincidence that our body gives us physical signs as messages to help guide us forward. For example, a person who has tension in the neck may have a difficult time being flexible with their time and schedule. A person who has problems with their hands may not be using their gifts, their abilities. 


This reading includes: 


  • Full diagnosis of your chakras – learn how the energy flows throughout your body
  • A description of what your chakra energy is craving for to change or encourage the energy flow
  • The color of your name: including strengths of your personality 
  • A recommended list of crystals specifically for you to use to cleanse your aura and chakras 


OPTION A: Because we are all made up of vibrations and energy, I do not need to physically be with you to see your chakras. Option A is done through email and be delivered to you within 72 hours. A follow up question may be asked. $60



OPTION B: Live SKYPE or FACETIME option. Energy is assessed and direct communication on questions will be addressed. The session is one hour or 60 minutes. 

Add a long distance 45 minute reiki session to your package. Total includes reading plus healing: $100

If you would like a LIVE Skype, the






“Amber and her healing are simply amazing. She knows how to connect with your energy and I always feel calm and balanced after a session with her. Just recently I needed some long distance healing. She set up a time for 7am just as I was about to head out for a run. During my run my legs all of the sudden started to feel heavy and I came to a complete stop. I knew right away that it was Amber. After a brief moment, I started running again. I could feel energy in my solar plexus chakra, then heart, then throat. I was amazed as I was feeling all of these sensations during my run. It’s the same as when I’m doing an in-person session with her. Even with my eyes closed I can feel her manipulate my chakra and feel the energies from the stones and crystals she uses. From time to time out of the blue, Amber will reach out to me with a message. I don’t know why it still surprises me, but she’s always on point with what I’m feeling in that moment and the message she gives me is exactly what I need to hear. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m still surprised. I am in awe and a believer of her abilities. I have recommended her over and over again and all of my friends are hooked. Amber is a warm, loving, healing soul and I am blessed to have her in my life.” -Sandy J. at So What? I run.