Chakra Transformation Online Course

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Grab your journal because you are about to have a Chakra Transformation Make-Over! 



Warning: You may feel amazingly beautiful, great, upbeat, and Higher than life. 

The Chakras are energy centers within us that help align ourselves to our Higher Self. When balanced we feel good and in the flow of things. When imbalanced, it can create havoc physically, mentally and spiritually. 

What does alignment mean? It means feeling peace and in harmony with your life. It means choosing and creating the life you want to live and knowing you can have everything. 

Each week, I show you how to tap into  Intuition to find out more about yourself and how you can attain living your highest expression while here on Earth. We all have a purpose – we all have something inside us that wants to shine bright – and I can help you uncover how to do it. *** By looking within***


We will clear our old beliefs and thought patterns that do not serve you. We will clear out the junk we hold onto in each of the chakras. 

And as you cultivate and create the new you – I’ll show you how to really make it a reality. Plant the dreams you’ve been hiding down. 

Your chakras have the answered to your energetic blueprint when you came here on this Earth. It’s our job to align these chakras to complete our purpose and experience happiness and joy from within. 

Each week, you will be offered assignments: meditation, visualizations, journaling prompts, color therapy and more. 

***Weekly Payments**

  •  All courses are online and run at your own pace. 


  • Once payment is received, you will be emailed the materials for that week.


  • Sign up for one week or all. It’s entirely up to you.


  • Join the Facebook Secret Group as we move through each week. 



Terms & Conditions

Amber Poole has used her best efforts to make this online course as powerful as possible. This course has ideas, opinions, tips and techniques for improving your wellness and helping you to receive messages from your intuition. Amber Poole does not offer or provide or suggest medical or psychological advice or service. Please seek advice of your medical, psychological or health practitioner for any specific problems you might be experiencing. Amber makes no guarantees and takes no responsibility of how you choose to use the information in this course or any of her books, videos and other products and the results you will experience. All Amber’s work is to assist people with their own self-healing and that you take full responsibility for your own experience and healing.

You may use the processes in this course with the explicit understanding that Amber Poole  is not liable for any direct or indirect experience of any health problems, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges you may experience. In using the material provided in this course you agree to not hold, nor attempt to hold the author liable for any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages and all legal costs or other expenses arising whatsoever in connection with the use, misuse or inability to use the materials. All payments for this online course  are non-refundable and non-transferable.

I agree not to share the digital download of The Chakra Transformation Course with anyone else, but to use it as my own private resource.