Crystal Grids

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Crystal grids are a great way to let the energies manifest into the Universe. They are made for a specific purpose, created with intention and then empowered for a period of time.


Every morning, I get up and send thanks to the crystals for their work.


You can have a special grid in my home.

  • Here I will create a grid for a specific purpose just for you.
  • Send you a photo and hold space for you as long as you’d like.
  • Give thanks and reiki to your personal grid daily.


***NOTE*** I only work with light beings and do not manifest any harm to anyone. If your intention is harm, I will not put your grid together. This is about your raising your vibration to a higher degree for you.


Personal Grid for 5-days + Grid Emailed:

$15 USD


Personal Grid for 10-days + Photo of Grid Emailed:



Personal Grid for 30-Days + Photo of Grid Emailed: