Crystal Prescription

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One of my favorite ways to work with crystals is by carrying a special pouch filling me with their energy field.

I can carry what I need for the day, week or month. They are always here to help assist us.



Because we all have different situations, not everyone will receive the same “prescription.” If one person has a closed heart charka, they may need the energy of rose quartz for self-love whereas another person may need rhodonite for forgiveness. It all depends and each situation that they are presented with.


Here I ask my guides and yours for what you need.


If you have a physical problem, I can suggest what crystals would work best for you – if you have an emotional situation, again I can select out the best for you…


We create a pouch for what your energetic body needs now.  These pouches are also available for purchase.

I also list other ways for you to use your chosen stones.






Please fill out form below and allow 24 hours to return your message.



Disclosure: Crystal healing is a complimentary healing technique and should never be used in lieu of obtaining professional medical or psychiatric help. It is not to be used to diagnose, heal or cure but rather as an extension of existing medical services.