Crystal Reiki Energy Healing

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Dis-connect, dis-ease, energy leaks and heaviness all get stuck in your aura prior to contact with your physical body. Our thoughts and words create our reality and sometimes what we have created isn’t always so grand.


Let’s say you feel stuck, stagnant, unloved or even judged for example. These feelings or thoughts manifest into our aura and our aura is like a protective field surrounding our physical body. These energetic vibrations leave impressions and can become stuck in an area. As the area because heavier with dense vibrations, it can lead to dis-ease or dis-harmony in the body. Therefore, it highly suggested to work on the energy field around your physical body as well as doing the mental work to change the vibration being released. 


Traditionally, Usui Reiki can be used however I connect well with the energy of crystals therefore I use and teach Crystal Reiki. 


What can you expect?


In an energy session, I pay particular attention to all of your chakras. I then send crystal reiki to each and recharge the energy flow or chi. You will receive a full hour of clearing through your chakras AND aura. 


You will also receive a list of recommended crystals to use.


How are sessions done?


Sessions are available at The Chakra Diva Studio located in Bel Air, Maryland OR via private youtube video. Please note, the videos can be boring (to watch at least!) it includes me and my eyes shut and selecting crystals. Little conversation is involved. I send you the video so you can replay the video whenever you choose for a cleanse. 


To schedule a crystal reiki healing session, do the following:


  1. Submit Payment 
  2. Fill out form 
  3. If you would like a session at the studio, you will receive an email within 24 hours with available schedule/times.