Empath Reading

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You may have heard people talk about being an empath…well what the heck is it?



Empaths are able to tune into another persons emotions. They are able to FEEL what they are feeling. They can easily tune themselves to the vibration of another – reading their energy field. They are sensitive to others around them. They have a clear KNOWING of what’s going on without another person telling them. And because of this, even being in public places can feel overwhelming.



But…this reading clues in to specifically YOUR ENERGY…



  • Know the best way to GROUND your energy 


  • Understand the factor that keeps bringing your energy down


  • Learn how to PROTECT your energy 


  • How to CLEAR your energy 


  • After you learn how to GROUND, PROTECT and CLEAR your energy, we will talk about where you will go from here…


What does your energy say about you?



 You will receive a PRIVATE VIDEO. within five days. This reading is done via email and not through Skype. If you would like a reading via Skype, see Angel Readings.