Free Crystal Reiki Healing: People and Pets

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Free Crystal Reiki Healing 


This powerful crystal reiki healing can assist with all healing requests.


The goal is to work with Universal Energy to co-create and bring forth changes and balance in our lives to align with our Higher Self through love and light.



Enjoy the benefits of participating in a crystal reiki  healing session:



helps with emotional, mental and physical issuessupports the immune system function shortens healing time after surgeryhelps the body’s ability to self healcomplements traditional medicine, helps with a sense of inner peace, enhances relaxation and sleep, looking at things in a new way, increases energy and vitality, spiritual growth & well-being, releases stress and tension, helps to get you un-stuck, improves concentration, enhances self-esteem, raises your vibration, helps to reduce pain, calms the emotions

and much more


The process:


  • Please fill out the form below for your crystal reiki healing request 


  • Every Monday, you will receive the crystal reiki energies at 9pm. It doesn’t matter what time zone you are in as time is a parallel. I have asked my guides and spirit team to send it to you regardless at 9pm every Monday. 


You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your session but please be open and receive.


**Please Note: This is not a PERSONAL energy session. Meaning, I collectively send to a group. Should you want one-on-one, healing energies, please click here.**



Who can receive healing?


Anyone! People, pets and even if you want to send crossed over loved ones healing, I’m game! 


What participants can expect:


      • release of emotions such as crying for no reason
      • feel tingling, warmth, pressure on various parts of your body, or the twitching of a limb or muscle
      • find your self very relaxed
      • feel like you are sleeping
      • find yourself suddenly taking a deep breath
      • notice quick or subtle changes over time in your attitude, your physical body, or different ways to look at or understand a situation
      • become aware of a need to start understanding your own spiritual oneness
      • see colors or images
      • recall events you haven’t thought about in a long time – bless them and let them go
      • Nothing at all on a physical level


*The closing to participate each week is on SUNDAY at 12pm.*

Crystal Reiki Sign Up Request

* indicates required


Disclosure: Energy healing does not replace the need to consult your physician.


If you would like to leave  a donation, that would be appreciated however not required at all. Thank you! 


Always in love and light,





I felt my left side tingling and the top of my head felt like it was being pulled, just the top part no other part.  About an hour later I felt energized and had no issues walking. So thumbs up to you Amber.  – Andrea, Baltimore


Oh my gosh,  Amber.   This is so right on target.      It’s quite remarkable.

Sue, Columbia


The night before you did the healing, my brother Michael (the name you got in your reading) sent me a prayer of healing.  After the healing session my head felt better, less pressure and I had a rush of energy.  I stayed at worked an extra hour and a half cleaning.  So thank you!!  You’re the best!!!” – Donna, Baltimore