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Hi Everyone and Welcome!


Please feel free to click on any of the video lessons for this month. Study at your own pace and join me over at the secret Facebook page for any questions! So glad you came <3


This month we are taking a peak into your SOLAR PLEXUS….let me share it all with you here…

ASSIGNMENT #1 October 1-8th 


Are you ready to tap into your solar plexus energy? You can explore any of the following videos and do the exercises! 





SOLAR PLEXUS MEDITATION: CLICK ON DOWNLOAD to listen daily or weekly to clear out the energetic portion of your solar plexus.





Assignment #2: October 8-14




Assignment #3: October 15-21


PDF file for solar plexus download below






Assignment #4: October 22-28



Take a weekend or an evening to yourself. Light a candle, play some soft music and really get in touch with yourself.

Explore these Journal Question: Click download below