Mini-Chakra Reading

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The effectiveness of Chakra Therapy has been documented since ancient Egypt, China, and India.  It is used to balance, strengthen, and rejuvenate the Chakra system by infusing the corresponding coloured light into the Energy Centers or Chakras. Each colour is represented by its own unique wavelength and energy. The energy that is related to each of the following colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; resonates with the energy of each of the seven main Chakras (or as previously mentioned: energy centres of the body).


Imagine the Chakras like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog or wheel needs to move smoothly and at a similar speed for the clock or engine to work properly.


You do not need to do anything special for our session. Energy is energy and as long as I have your permission, I can connect with you.


The Process…


During a Chakra Reading Session, I go through each of your chakras and determine the status.

Then, I clear away the gray, clogged, negative frequencies of the energy system and then fills them up with crystal energy.

You will receive an email afterwards of the status and crystals used.

After you purchase your session, you will receive an email from me confirming the time and date of your session.

*Please note: Not all sessions can be done on the same day payment has been made.

This is quick tune-up and great in between sessions. To receive a full clean out- click here.