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My job is to help you take conscious control of your life by discovering your own personal power and design the purposeful life you desire.


Hi there!

I’m so excited that you have decided to make an important investment on the best gift ever, yourself. Congratulations!

I really enjoy working with people to design the life they thought they could never have or only wished they could. Guess what? Now you can!

I work in areas of:

  • Self-confidence
  • Weight that won’t budge!
  • Overloaded
  • Stressed
  • Insecurities
  • Fears
  • Your desired path

If you ever wanted more in life, then let’s work together on:

  • Having tranquility in your day
  • Breaking down your belief system
  • Connected your life and your health
  • Live without stress and anxiety
  • Fueling your body with good eats
  • Listening to the messages your body is sending
  • Having peace within yourself
  • Experiencing vitality
  • Loving and nurturing yourself

It’s true! You can really look and feel amazing! Live happy, healthy and whole!

Work with me:

You can either purchase 4 sessions at one time or purchase 1 session at a time. I do this for a few reasons: Not everyone has worked with a coach and want to just taste what it’s like and also some people can’t fork out a payment of four sessions up front. I truly want to help so I make it as easy as possible.

One hour session via phone plus follow-up email: $65

Four sessions via phone plus follow-up email: $260

Email me at Theholisticfoodie@gmail.com to start your journey! You will receive a form to fill out prior to the consultation. Payment is required upfront.