Reading Testimonies

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I have the privilege of working with amazing clients and my goal is always to help guide them through the things they are facing. (With of course, the help of Spirit. It’s definitely not me! But Spirit guided and inspired!) Here are some testimonies of various card readings:



As you know i have terrible anxiety and health anxiety and i have to tell you nothing has helped me more then spending time with you and learning how i can help myself–I have spent countless hours (not to mention money on counselors etc—but nothing helped–when i started coming to you (thank you Abbie) you made me realize that i have the power within me 🙂 I now also call on the help of archangel rapheal and he brings me comfort.What im trying to say sweet Amber is you have a beautiful gift of helping people and i feel so blessed and lucky that i was led to you–you have made such a difference in my life and im hoping I can continue to improve through working with you:) thank you my friend – Lois Manning 



My reading was fantastic! Absolutely everything resonated and I really feel as though I got a sense of what to do next or what will help me make my next move. – Rachael Papaleo 


I LOVED my reading! It’s like Christmas to me 🙂 It gave me the insight and guidance that I was looking for, that only this reading could provide. Thank you!! I would do this once a week if I could!! – Ashleigh Gwilliam 


Hi Amber, I found my reading right on track. I feel that things are changing for me and at times I do feel overwhelmed, especially in what direction I need to take. I will use this reading to concentrate on my heart and throat chakras. I know exactly what blocks I need to release and have been working on that as well. I have increased my meditation and use of crystals to help find guidance on what is to come. Thank you so much. – Valerie Kulis 



My reading was completely accurate. Every little bit. On so many levels. Thank you – Joanna Mahar


Hi Amber, I just read the full moon reading you did for me. From the first paragraph it was spot on! You captured what I have been feeling lately. The burden I’ve been carrying regarding career, home, and finances. Thank you for helping me to figure out what I need to do to correct this and where to go from here. You and others have said that I have amazing guides. I just wish I could talk to them myself! I have a great throat chakra apparently! lol! I will keep in mind all of the messages that came through, to stay positive, to stay true to myself, ask the divine for guidance, and know that I am safe, loved, and supported. What a wonderful message. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it. – Lisa. Connor