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Have you ever wanted to telephone to dial spirit?
If you have ever wanted to know if you were truly receiving direct information from SPIRIT this class will show you how!


You may have a loved one you want to hear from or perhaps even get to know your Spirit Team, either way this class will help you tap into the Universal World of symbols.

One of my first mediumship sessions was with a family whose grandparents spoke Portuguese. I only know how to speak English, so I THOUGHT it would bring a barrier between receiving information for the family – BOY WAS I WRONG!

Not only was I able to receive a fluent conversation with this grandmother, I was also able to deliver her messages clearly and accurately. I used symbols to help facilitate our conversation. 


I want to show you:

  • How to read symbols of the Universe 
  • How to create your own symbol dictionary to help facilitate a language between Spirit and you
  • How to cue into the symbols received
  • 10 ways Spirit communicates with you
  • How to put the puzzle pieces together



My Spirit Team helps me identify information for my clients daily. They show me what types of foods their body may need (example, bananas for potassium, water (for dehydration), pineapples (vitamin C and manganese), apples (high blood pressure) etc. etc.

I want to show you how to receive this information and feel confident with the information provided! 



Join this LIVE class JUNE 21st, 7pm EST. Can’t make it, no problem! It will be recorded and I will send you the link the next morning!


***This class is offered at a low LOW price of $40 as an introductory price. It will be go up in price. ***


Have questions? Contact me at 




You will be sent the link via email to join the LIVE conference room 24 hours prior to the course.