Chakra Diet Foods

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Every thing in life has an energy – and that includes your food. I was told about this years ago from my meditation teacher one day. She said, “Can you imagine what you’re eating in that fast food burger? Not only are you picking up the fears of the animal but the attitude of the person who cooked it as well.”


This stuck with me forever.


After being a vegetarian for over a decade, then a meat lover when I was pregnant, I became very confused at what my body wanted. When I first started blogging, I was a food blogger. I made everything and anything. Until the day I became very sick. I saw Grandmother Morningstar (an Indian healer) who gave me my first cup of high-quality medicine to get better – a cup of ginger and lemon tea. It was the beginning of my transformation.


I still questioned what protein was best for my body and what meals. When I started on the path of chakra healing, I ate whole foods rich in energy, proteins and vibration. It was exactly what my body needed.


Certain foods correlate with each chakra.


**Please note all foods are different for everyone. Some clients will need certain foods for overactive chakra verses underactive verses balanced.**


Root Chakra

Proteins, root vegetables, minerals, foods for skeletal & adrenal systems and foods that grow deep in the Earth.

Sacral Chakra Foods


Fats & Oils, tropical fruits, fish & seafood, nuts & seeds, fermented foods, foods that support the reproductive system and urinary track, orange colored foods

Solar Plexus Chakra Diet

Carbohydrates, healthy sweeteners, soluble fiber, whole foods, food for digestive system & warming spices, yellow colored foods

Heart Chakra Diet


Leafy green vegetables, phytonutrients, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, meals made with love, green colored foods


Throat Chaka Diet

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Sea plants, soups, sauces, moistening fruits, teas, foods to support thyroid and throat

Third Eye Chakra Diet


Mood-altering foods, berries, foods that influence brain function, caffeine, dark chocolate, blue-purple foods


Crown Chakra Diet

Detoxing, fasting, sunshine, non-GMO foods