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As a young girl, I realized that everything in life has energy. Everything. Like the way you walk into a room and you know how the mood is because you feel it without anyone saying a thing. Or how you know something is good for you because you are attracted to it without really knowing much about it. Every thing gives off a vibration – food, plants, animals, people, everything. In church, I used to stare at people just to see what kind of energy they were giving out through their aura! Everything has energy!


Everything is affected by energy. The energy you are give out right now is affecting something. Have you ever heard of cause and effect? Think about when one person is in a bad mood, how it may affect another person and put them in a bad mood. YUCK! Or when someone does something nice, how it spreads the love to the next person? There is a transfer of energy.

I became a certified holistic life coach because I wanted to make a difference in this world and spread positive, love and light to every corner I can.

My job is to give you the tools and guidance you need to help you move towards a more balanced lifestyle. Let’s get rid of false beliefs you may have created, let’s diminish the pain that you hold, let’s discover forgiveness and love, let’s explore the energy within each and everyone of us.

Let’s do it together.

Love + Light,


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