What I do as an Energy Healer

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As an energy healer, I can physically feel the size and shape of a clients chakras. I can tell if they are overactive, underactive or imbalanced. I get messages in my third eye and sometimes I hear those messages as well.

When a client comes in for a session, they normally ask, “Well, what did you find? Am I okay?”

Nine times out of ten, a client already knows what chakra(s) are imbalanced and are asking me to confirm their thoughts. Go with your gut, I say!

My job is to bring the clients chakras back into balance and work on any spiritual, physical or emotional blockages. 

Yes, I can discuss with the client what I found but I rather discuss what shifts the client can make to bring more harmony to their life by balancing their own chakras. I focus on results and not repeated patterns.

My goal is to have happy, balanced clients!  🙂

Seeing an energy healer once a month is ideal for optimum clearing and balancing. Maintenance is key! But I also like to teach clients how they can clear and balance their own chakras in-between sessions. I want clients to know they can self-heal as well and feel empowered to take that step.


I use different techniques to balance chakras.

Some techniques are:

  • Reiki (very relaxing and therapeutic)
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Various energy medicine techniques


Why Reiki?

Reiki is amazing! It is becoming popular as a healing modality that even hospitals offer programs to their patients. Dr. Oz and his wife are big fans of reiki. Click here to read an article that explains more.


Why Crystals?

This is the best underground secret ever! No pun intended! These beautiful babies have so much healing energy inside of them that I had to include them in my practice. By bringing a crystal into a persons physical energetic field, the physical body will mimic the perfect balance that is found within the crystal. Re-read that twice, it’s phenomenal!!!! The energetic vibration of the crystal will re-align and re-direct the energy flow found within the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies to bring them back to harmony. When I “turn on” and “activate” the crystals for alignment, the client usually always says they feel something.

If a client needs to release and let go of something in their life, crystals are a great tool to use. They are also amazing for shifting patterns and old belief systems. They are healing tools and will never steer you wrong.

As I mentioned earlier, I really want to help clients learn the power of self-healing techniques so I have created Crystal Medicine Pouches for specific issues.

Click here to find out more information on Crystal Medicine Pouches

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Disclosure: Crystals & Reiki Therapy are not a substitute for prescribed medical treatment. Please consults your physician before beginning any new treatment.