What is it that I do?

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I wanted to outline something that I do and some questions you may have prior to your session.



What to expect:


My process is simple yet  you will receive different results every time. 


I use my hands to scan their energy and aura, which is about three to four inches from their physical body. I look for physical ailments, stagnant energy, leaks and more.


Then we dive into each chakra. Messages from Spirit come to me during the session and we discuss what is going on with life.


Crystals are used to cleanse any areas or to bring balance to the chakras.


During this process, I use my psychic gifts for more information: pictures, symbols, thoughts, feelings of just knowing comes to me. We sometimes chat in between.


Finally, I cleanse and protect their aura. We chit chat the whole time. The client – walks out more grounded and connected. Sometimes solutions are solved as well. 


Who does the healing?

It’s not me! I give every ounce of credit to the Divine. When I saw Divine, I mean the angels above! God and his Healing army!

I am not responsible for the healing energy but used as a channel of energy.


Why Use Crystals?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years (go back to the Egyptians) as a healing modality. When I touch a crystal that is “right” for that person to use, this energy shoots out in all directions. It’s amazing. Crystals are used to amplify and ground energy. Depending upon which one you may need is my guide to which crystal to use.




You are the ultimate say…

Clients have reported feeling a vibration, tingling, cold, hot, heat, energy all around their body. It varies from person to person. This is energy. You can share with me how you feel throughout the process if you choose.


How long is a session?

Usually they go between 45-55 minutes, but sometimes they can go 75 minutes. It depends on the client.


Will I feel anything?

More clients do. The experience a pull of energy above them, heat, coldness … however I never touch the person physically. 


What does the client do?

Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes a client will release and cry and have “no clue” where it is coming from. (Crying is a good thing!) Healing energy has a way of removing or bringing to the surface old emotions or blocked energies.


All sessions are confidential.


They are VERY eye opening.

Have a question? Email me at thechakradiva@gmail.com