Why the Chakra Diet?

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You may be wondering what energy healing has to do with food and I would tell you, everything.

There is energy everywhere and everything contains energy, even food. The food we eat turns into energy, do you agree? Ever notice how a cup of coffee gives you an uplift while a glass of wine with dinner may calm you down?


I can’t stress enough…


By eating the right kind of foods, you are giving your body the right energy it needs and craves.


But what does right energy mean? I mean no boxes, no added sugar, no artificial flavors. I’m talking about good nourishing foods that your body truly desires. We live in a time where you can easily go through a drive-thru or eat on the go, but is it good for us? Eh…no. Convenience doesn’t always mean better.

Did you know you can eat to help improve chakras?


An online consultation is coming soon – I’ll sit down one-on-one to show you how to eat for your chakra type. Stay tuned… but in the meantime…


Nourishing and delicious recipes your body will love and enjoy.


From my kitchen to yours.