I was in my early twenties and had a lot on my mind. Speaking with a reiki practitioner (which she was considered a “spiritual counselor” as reiki wasn’t popular at the time), we struck up a conversation about food. She said, “You know there’s energy in the food we eat. I’m not […]

The vibrational exchange of food and emotional energy: Lesson #1

Carrot Ginger Soup   My favorite soup to turn to when I have a winter head cold is a big bowl of carrot ginger soup. That’s right – its not chicken noodle. Not that I have anything against the CN soup, its just not my thing.    Along my healing journey, I have noticed time […]

Carrot Ginger Soup   Recently updated !

Synchronicities happen when you are in alignment with Divine, Source, Spirit – what you may call it. There are not accidents but signs to assist you in direction. For me, I experience synchronicities when I’m following my path that my Soul has chosen.   I’ll take you through one of my typical days of how […]

I have no apologies, I go where Spirit leads

After a session, it is very common for clients to ask me, “When should I see you next?” And the truth is every person is different.    What I have noticed from my many sessions is that clients usually come back when they hit bottom again. Meaning, they feel drained and their energy has depleted. This […]

How Often Should You See Your Energy Healer

Giving a healing session can be done in-person or long distance (meaning you don’t see the person as they are far away). Both are effective as energy does not have boundaries and therefore, we have access to this energy if a person is near us or not. It is our limited belief that energy can […]

How to Send Effective Long Distance Crystal Reiki

We are all human, which also comes with the acceptance that we are not perfect beings. We make mistakes. We screw up from time to time. We may choose to do an action not in alignment with our Higher Self. We may hurt someones feelings, say or do a lower vibration of action – sometimes […]

Finding Forgiveness Within