I can easily tell you that your loved ones are around you, but some people may not feel it, or be able to experience it. Sometimes in our unresolved grief we are stuck in this emotion that we don’t see what is around us.    Instead of telling you what I mean, I’m going to […]

SIGNS from your Loved Ones

When we make contact with the Spiritual realm, you may be wondering who we are specifically speaking with. I mean, what is the difference between all these beings of energy on the other side?   When I was little, I used to think that heaven was up the stairs as Hollywood betrayed. Speaking to our spirit […]

Sprit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

I was working with a client who wanted to hear from her father. As I was performing an energy healing session with her, her deceased father did indeed show up. He looked at me and said, “But Amber, she doesn’t even talk to me!”   When we get stuck in life, when we need some […]

Ask. Believe. Receive. Communicating with your #SpiritTeam

Have you ever wished you went back in time and could heal a relationship? What if that relationship is with your inner child or perhaps a person who held a close relationship to you.   Have you ever thought, “Wish I knew back then what I knew now?” Well I do. I wish I could […]

Healing Relationships with #CrystalReiki

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a new crystal and exploring its energy. (Okay, that could totally just be me because I am such a crystal lover…but really….nothing is more exciting, lol.)   I love picking up a unique stone and wanting to explore the knowledge, messages and healing they hold inside. Its quite magical! […]

How to Attune to Your Crystals Energy

Becoming a Crystal Reiki Master is one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Not only for my clients healing session but for me on a personal level.   I enjoy incorporating this powerful extra layer of energy into my daily life as it has enhanced my life in many ways.   […]

5 Ways to Use Crystal Reiki Daily