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Yesterday I shared with you a post on letting go for full moon rituals. which in response a lady shared that she had a fear of failure. I thought, wow, that is so brave of her to step up and admit that. It made me want to dig deep but I came up shy of anything. (Sometimes […]

Discover Fears from Within

Release 1
I woke up at 3:33 this morning, it’s been a terrible sleep week for sure! I hit the moon app on my phone, 44 minutes until we are at a full moon. Beautiful.   Obviously, I’m not sleeping, I have so much on my mind. The thoughts and questions fly in immediately…next thing I know, […]

5 Things to Let Go of During Full Moon

Life Purpose 1
I have spent the last seven years of my life trying to really figure out my life purpose. What direction I should take, where I should go, etc. etc.    One day I was in meditation and recalled a conversation I had with the angels when I was 8. They told me I came to […]

Find Your Purpose – #SpiritInspired

I woke this morning, feeling good about a dream I just had. Ironically, a second later, I have no clue what the dream was about! But only the warm, gushy feeling remained.   I  felt so good that I sprung out of bed ready to start my day. Went downstairs, made myself a big cup of coffee, […]

Meet Your Angel Team

When you think of the color BLUE, what do you think of? Does it make you feel good? Calm? Relaxed. Go ahead and look…   I’ll ask again. How do you feel? Write it down on paper or describe how you feel.   Okay…now here’s a different shade of blue – how does it feel […]

Why are you so blue? Throat Chakra Meditation #throatchakra

We are going into the Throat Chakra for the month of August, but first I must say farewell to July the birth of The Chakra Box.   Some people received solar plexus chakra boxes while others received the root chakra box. I want to talk to you about the root chakra….   It’s quite important, […]

Root Chakra Awareness – OWN it.