We are all here on our own paths and when a light is ready to return home, it definitely breaks hearts in the physical world.   I can remember looking into my fathers eyes for a good thirty minutes. He was paralyzed and couldn’t move and as I looked at him laying in the […]

While I’m here on Earth, I commit   Recently updated !

Relationships and emotions are two of the elements we store in our sacral chakra. And, depending on how you view your relationships with others, you could potentially view it as a good thing or a bad.   But viewing it that way can be frustrating, especially when there’s a relationship with lots of resistance. Sometimes, […]

Seeing What You Don’t Want – Healing Relationships #Sacralchakra   Recently updated !

When connected into the crown chakra (the chakra located above your head), you are connecting into Source or whatever that means for you – if you want to call that energy Source, God, Creator, All Knowing – it’s your term. (You will see me write and say interchangeably Source and God). But Source is Universal Energy. […]

Get to Know Your Crown Chakra

While a NEW moon is for all those awesome things you want to manifest in life, the FULL moon is for releasing baggage and stuff which doesn’t serve us and our highest good.   But where do you even begin? How do you know what you are releasing?   A few clues is that during […]

Dear Chakra, I’m ready to release #FullMoon

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There are many ways to meet you guides. It is recommended to do so through a visual meditation. To meet them in an area that is your “sacred” space. For me, this just doesn’t work. I try over and over to do the whole visualization thing but my mind doesn’t flow that way. If it […]

How to Meet Your Spirit Guides

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When I perform energy healing sessions at my studio in town, I always  tell my clients that I’m a “practicing medium.”   This means that I know I’m a medium, but I’m still practicing and working my skills. Psychic, absolutely…medium, in the works..   I can see spirits in color but not actual details – quite […]

Meet My Spirit Guide, Zig