I was called in for an energy session for a very sick client of mine. The first time I saw her, I spoke with her soul and she soared high. Although she was sick, her soul wanted to go on and so she did.   Months later, she fell ill again and was tied to […]

Why isn’t reiki working?   Recently updated !

For those who are looking to unleash their magical powers, I can tell you, there’s one form of energy that is extremely powerful that you may be overlooking. And this power is given to all of us.   We are co-creators, meaning everything in our life is created by us. If we take responsibility for the […]

Words are POWERFUL Energy

There are two types of attack: spiritual and psychic.    I categorize spiritual attack, an attack from the spirit world, which let me say, is no joke and very real.   And there’s also psychic attack, or the ill wishing and negative vibes that someone blasts away at you.    Signs of attack:   Drained for […]

Psychic Attack and What To DO

  This week started the Online Chakra Transformation: Crown Chakra: Connect with Spirit.   We are connecting in with our Spirit Team and really embracing them this week. It’s only the second day and I’m noticing a theme… Participants are experiencing the same thing:   “Thank you so much. As I began watching the video, […]

Why do I cry when I’m with Spirit?

*** You have an amazingly beautiful spirit team waiting for you. They are here to help guide and protect us as we experience our journey on Earth.     So many people think they have to wait to listen wait to connect in with a guide. Who is on the other side? As if we have to […]

Choose Your Spirit Team

  The story of #23…   In my work, I don’t directly offer mediumship. However, If I am performing a session for someone and another deceased loved one comes in, I never turn them away. In fact, I welcome them to join. Sometimes I pick up on a crossed overs energy and other times I […]

#23: Signs from A Loved One