The story of #23…   In my work, I don’t directly offer mediumship. However, If I am performing a session for someone and another deceased loved one comes in, I never turn them away. In fact, I welcome them to join. Sometimes I pick up on a crossed overs energy and other times I […]

#23: Signs from A Loved One

  You may hear the saying that retrograde is the best time to “release” and “let go” of things…but really…what are people talking about?!   The final  retrograde of 2016 is coming up and I want to make the end of the year the best ever. It’s time to release and let go like never […]

Make it the BEST RETROGRADE ever. Be like Tinkerbell.

  I am fascinated by the intelligence of our body. It is so smart and knows and feels every imprint from our conscious and subconscious minds.   That’s top notch amazing.   When we tune into this tool, we can understand ourselves better and we can heal.   I distinctively can recall sitting on the […]

Healing the Vibration of a Physical Problem

We all have a network of energy channels that run through our body. These energy channels not only run through the meridians but chakras as well.    When an energy healer is working on a client, they are looking for imbalances in energy. This may energy may feel dense, clogged, tingly etc.    Imbalances and energy […]

How to Heal Energy Blocks

  We are all here on our own paths and when a light is ready to return home, it definitely breaks hearts in the physical world.   I can remember looking into my fathers eyes for a good thirty minutes. He was paralyzed and couldn’t move and as I looked at him laying in the […]

While I’m here on Earth, I commit

Relationships and emotions are two of the elements we store in our sacral chakra. And, depending on how you view your relationships with others, you could potentially view it as a good thing or a bad.   But viewing it that way can be frustrating, especially when there’s a relationship with lots of resistance. Sometimes, […]

Seeing What You Don’t Want – Healing Relationships #Sacralchakra